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NineBotting around

Last thursday I found a REALLY good deal on a secondhand wheel, used only twice before the previous owner thought "This is too hard". It had then proceeded to stand in a corner gatheringing dust, until he decided to sell it just to recuperate some of the money. And I bought it. ;)

The wheel in question is a NineBot One E+, made by the same company that make the Segway.
It rather looks like something from Star Trek.

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Aiming for a faceplant

A little over a month ago I got a REALLY cool birthday present from the woman I love and my kids: And electric unicycle!
Or an EUC as it is often called. Or "a really dangerous thingie" as a neighbour called it.

Me doing some practicing

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No Man’s Sky – My Thoughts So Far

Before I begin, I’ll just state that I’m not going to post any pictures here. If over the past couple of years and increasingly everywhere you turn these days you haven’t seen a video clip or picture of the game then you are probably wasting your time reading this as you clearly must have no interest in games or be some kind of hermit. Or both. On the other hand if you’ve been in some sort of coma, Siberian gulag, on some hush-hush space / sub-aqua odyssey the past few years and this is the first site you came to, then congratulations and welcome back chap.

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My Suicide Squad Film Brief Review

Bloody Excellent.

Went to watch this today with Mrs Chunder and not-so-young-any-more son number 2. Our local cinema got a revamp less than a year ago and so now it has an X-Plus screen which is floor to ceiling wall to wall, and in the case of Suicide Squad also 3D. All screens now have those huge seats that electronically recline and the foot rests go up. All very "hoi-paloi".

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Quick FYI...

So I (finally) started with The Secret World. It's a bit aged by now, but thus far it's pretty good.

Added Tanitha's char as well :)

Dunno if anyone is still playing?

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Stupid ways to die

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The most boring thing you'll see today

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Overwatch - My first impressions

The past few days I've been dipping my toes in Blizzards newest game franchise, Overwatch.
So, what IS Overwatch?

Short story: Team Fortress 2 in a different suit.
And it is awesome!

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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a new game developed entirely by one guy in the style of Harvest Moon. The developer had played Harvest Moon many years ago, loved it to death, and decided he could improve upon it. 4 years and a Steam Greenlight later, we have SDV. I picked it up on GoG about a week ago for the undiscounted price of $15.

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Sometimes I have fun at Work

I don’t know about others that come here or read these posts, but historically I think I’ve pretty much shown that I tend to see a lot of fun from life. Perhaps it’s because I’ve had pretty grim times here and there, or perhaps it’s just the way I am. Many would say that it works to my detriment and if I was more serious then I’d be taken more seriously. Frankly I’m too old for that now. As an example of my kind of humour, here’s a short edited email trail from this morning. It revolves around an enquiry we have for which we have signed a non-disclosure agreement.

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