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Guild Wars 2: F2P

Looks like GW2 just went F2P. I decided to download it and check it out. I rolled a... I don't even know. The small tech race and went engineer. Only ran around for the past hour but it seems fun. Anybody else playing? Any suggestions?
It looks like you don't actively turn in quests? You just do them and when you are complete you move along?

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WOT No Gaming? O.o

Chunder stands up; "I can't remember the last time I played a computer game...sob"
Therapy class; "Aaaaahhhh" accompanied with sounds of clapping.

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World of Warcraft: Legion

Yup, that's right. They're back. why do I get a sense of Deja Vu?

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Speaking about Warhammer

I've been looking for a computer game that can capture the feel, but so far it's been a dirge. Very little that appeals to me and even less that's remotely recent.

However, there might be something of interest upcoming. I assume you've heard (at least in passing) of the Total War series. Apparently, there's now a Total War: Warhammer series in the making. It's so obvious, you wonder why it didn't happen before. But in a way, I'm glad it didn't. Now we have the capacity to deliver on the spectacle of those truly epic scale wars.

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Warhammer: Fantasy: A Battle in Review

So my buddy and I decided to wage war at our local game store this afternoon. We both left work early to make it there by 3:15, since we had a hard deadline of 5:00 to stop play. He hadn't played in 10 years, and I haven't played ever.

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Warhammer: Fantasy

I have a good friend who has been talking up Warhammer Fantasy for quite some time. I played Warhammer 40k a couple times awhile back (like, 15+ years ago) but never since. Warhammer Fantasy is similar to 40k in that its a tactical wargame with tons of miniatures requiring movement around a massive terrain map. I... uhh... dont know much beyond that. With that being said, my buddy has been talking it up and I've watched enough videos to check it out.

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8 Years

So apparently the first post to this site was made 8 years and 4 days ago. I know that we have all mostly parted ways, but its still amazing to me that this has been 8 years. What a long and strange journey it has been.

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Buying game time with in game currency

Let's have a little discussion. With WoW's latest patch, they have released a WoW Token, which can be purchased for $20 (in the US anyway) which allows you to get a month of game time. This can be tossed up on the AH and sold, though you are not in control of the cost that it sells for.... right now on US servers, this is running somewhere between 23k and 25k gold. (Fun fact: this price is very different across the different continental servers, EUs is at ~40k, Chinas is over 300k last I read)

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On Life

Y’know sometimes how life gets you down? It can either be nothing specific you can pin your finger on, or alternatively it can be defined moments – either one or multiples accumulating, that cause the feeling. The past couple of days are two of those days.

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An hour or so in GTA V (PC)

So last night I went out for an evening meal with some colleagues from work, but it was over pretty quickly and I got home in time to play some more GTA V on the PC.

I really must find out what the key is for screenshots.

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