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I - can't - wait! I've always been a huge fan of Tintin and Secret of the Unicorn is one of my favourites!

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Oh my

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Darth: What's up?

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I bought Cataclysm when it came out and played for a month. Overall, I wasn't entirely satisfied with this expansion, which is why I ended up going on a break after only one month. I fully expect to play WoW again at some point, but I think I'll wait a bit. At first I thought it would be nice to go back to Azeroth, but after playing the game I'm not a big fan of what they did.

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New Skyrim trailer (with actual gameplay)

Looks pretty cool. I like how they use part of the Morrowind theme. I'm just afraid the main quest will turn out to be a "awesome guy saves the world" joyride.

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Dragon Age 2 demo

Grab it here while it's hot (i.e. before the servers crash). If you can't get to the page, keep hitting F5 and it goes through eventually.

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While waiting for Skyrim...

THIS looks pretty amazing. Unlike the late Morrowind 2011 mod, it apparently has the approval of all the authors. It's supposed to be the first pack of a major overhaul mod that will revamp pretty much everything.

Some screenshots:

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim announced

You can see a little teaser on the website. Apparently, it will be built on a new engine. Which hopefully means a less buggy experience than the Oblivion/Fallout 3/NV line of games.

To be released on November 11 2011.

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The end is nigh

According to MMO-Champion and various GM reports, the shattering will take place this very week; likely on patch day tomorrow. Obviously, this means that the old world will be gone forever and that the game will basically be Cataclysm minus 1) new races, 2) 80-85 content, 3) flying in Azeroth and a few other things (see here for more info). So you'll be able to roll that gnome priest or troll druid and fuck things up in Barrens 2.0.

I think most of us have been playing the game for a long time. I know I have, having started in September 2005. On the one hand, I'm pretty excited about the revamped world since I've played most existing areas to death. On the other hand, I really did like Azeroth and I'll definitely miss it. Last winter, I leveled a new character from scratch for the sole purpose of seeing the content one last time before it's gone. I'll try and take some time today to do a final trip around Azeroth and take some screenshots. I know it sounds lame but that's nostalgia speaking =P

There was a "post your old Azeroth pictures" topic on mmo-champion yesterday and I dug up a few from an external hard drive. Most of these are pretty old.

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Baldur's Gate 2 chapter 1... in Dragon Age: Origins

A group of ridiculously talented people just recreated the first chapter of BG2 (Irenicus' Dungeon) for Dragon Age. Normally I don't think much of "remakes" like this (most of those that were made in the NWNs being rather poor), but this one blew my mind away. It's a 100% perfect remake. *Everything* is there. Every item, every creature, the quests, the dialogues, the VO, the music... the whole dungeon is the same, down to the models and textures.

They also aimed for some sort of hybrid class system between that of DAO and AD&D. The implementation can be a bit wobbly at times, but considering the limited resources they were working with I still think they did a terrific job.

Download here. Trailer here. Obviously, you need Dragon Age on PC to play it.

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