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Lament of the Highborne

If you have visited the official site lately, you probably saw that Blizzard has posted a short video of Sylvanas singing her lament song (from this quest ).

The movie shows some reenacted scenes from WarCraft III; basically the Scourge's invasion of Quel'Thalas and Arthas (featuring what seems to be the WotLK in-game model) turning her in a banshee. All this to say that I think it's worth watching if you've played WC3, or if you haven't and are curious about Sylvanas's past. Unfortunately, it doesn't explain how she got a corpse back, let alone a night elf one...

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Barrens fun (or not)

Tonight I played a bit on my belfadin (who was introduced here).

Since then I got through the Quel'Thalas quests, got the shiny sin'dorei warblade and I'm now back in the Barrens.

Like I said in my first entry for the character, I rolled this paladin on Drak'thul, a PvP server, because some of my friends from university had started playing there. The thing here is that it was my first time on a straight PvP server. I spent most of my WoW time in RP servers, and dabbled a bit in a RP-PvP one.

I was quickly reminded why I loved RP servers so much.

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Some people scare the hell out of me

I was doing some AoE grinding on my mage in Outland earlier today (I keep trying to convince myself to try and get enough gold for the epic flyer). One of my favourite grinding spots for AoE is "The Heap" in Netherstorm - melee mobs only, and they drop cash, cloth and Consortium turn ins. There were also two others grinding there, a rogue and a hunter.

So I grind for about 30 mins and get bored (it happens a lot with me). I quit, go play some Neverwinter Nights 2, then go outside for my semi-weekly jogging run. Get back home, watch some TV, etc.

I come back about 2 hours later. Lo and behold, the same two people are still grinding at the exact same spot! They were both guilded in semi-active guilds (according to /who anyway), which makes me think that they're real players and not bots. Can you love a game so much as to spend hours upon hours doing exactly the same thing? That would drive me nuts!

Of course, perhaps they both took breaks like I did, but deep inside I doubt that...

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Let's not lose our heads, shall we?

For some reasons, I checked the blogs section at wow.net yesterday and saw Tikki's latest entry.

As I said in my reply (if it hasn't been deleted yet), I think that the whole situation has gone a bit out of hands. I know not of the apparent feud between Tikki and Tanitha - and it's none of my business either. However...

I was disappointed to see such things said about Black Temple. The site is great, we are having great discussions about WoW AND more serious subjects too, and it's sad to see how the whole crusade against the wow.net admins has degenerated so much as to result in bad publicity for us.

So, no, I wasn't paid by incgamers to make this post, rest assured (I'm still pissed at them for deleting my blog without warning!). But I think we ought to soften up a bit. Whatever happens at wow.net should stay there, let's not make their administration problems our business. And if they flame us, delete our posts or whatever... well let's not sink as low as them by emulating their ways.

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Lord of the Rings Online 7 day free trial

The people at Turbine have finally decided to provide a free trial for the game. At least they're smarter than the dummies who made Vanguard! Because not giving out trials make people cry!


They even have their elven chick on the page to make you buy the game! Woot!

If anyone cares, I made an elf lore-master named Arquenon on the Vilya server.

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The Order of the Stick

The Order of the Stick is, quite simply, the best webcomic out there =D

Why am I writing this here and now?

Well, one of the story arcs just ended, and the author is taking a break until september 17... which means that those of you who never read it now have plenty of time to go through the first 484 episodes!

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Bunch o' random news/thingies

Apparently, Sunwell Plateau is coming up in a patch before Lich King. Two wings, a 5-man (normal and heroic) and a 25-man raid. Let's not forget that Zul'Aman is still supposed to be patched in (10-man raid, the post-Kara). Is Sunwell Plateau going to be post-Black Temple, or just a filler instance for those who are not attuned for BT?

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Starcraft enthusiasts

I was browsing around the game section of Futureshop, Canada's Best Buy, and found this (linking doesn't seem to work for some reason):

StarCraft II Collector's Edition (PC/Mac)
Our price: $69.99
Online Availability: Pre-order: Estimated release date: August 31, 2008

Of course, Blizzard never announced anything (as far as I know anyway), so it's one of those purely imaginative release dates. Still, it's the first time I see a shop that allows you to pre-order a game more than a year before said date.

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Faster leveling

Rushster reports:

We have a few things in the works that are going to help out a bit. One of those things is that we are going to adjust the rate at which players can level. Another is that we are working on some changes for Dustwallow Marsh which should give players in that zone more to do and make leveling go quicker as well.

We'll reveal more of our plans as we get a bit closer toward actually implementing them. I just don't have a specific time table that I can give you as of yet.

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Cheap marketing, I say

I feel like having a go at something, so I have decided to adopt a new pet peeve: the WoW Trading Card Game.

I went to the official WoW website earlier to check on something, and I'm greeted by a link to this in the news.

I think it's laaaaame to use such "loot cards" to bolster their little TCG's popularity.

And while I'm at it, I'll say that I think Blizzard is going a tiny bit too far with the Warcraft name. Novels were not enough, so now they have cards, comics and even a bloody movie in the making. Deep, deep inside, I almost hope for the movie to be a flop so that the people at Blizzard get back on Earth.

That is all.

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