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The Game of Life

So tomorrow morning I go into hospital...again. This is the second attempt at an operation I call a "Gallstonectomy" in my laymans language. It has a proper medical name but I can't remember it. Essentially they want to whip out my gallbladder because I have gallstones, and gallstones can lead to Pancreatitis. After surviving Severe Acute Pancreatitis in 2001, getting it again would be classed as "not a good result"

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Playing with Friends

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Back in Hyboria [no pics yet]

Yes folks, I am back playing Age of Conan again. When did I last play this…2008? Surely not.

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In Memory of Pip's Memories of Summer

So Pip’s video on memories of summer brought back to me memories of a trip I took part in while at school. I suppose you’d call it Summer Camp – schools here in the UK basically have a trip around the last year of junior school to some “outward bound camp” destination mostly in Wales or the Lake District. I guess I’d have been about 11 or 12 years old and although I used to go camping every year in a biggish tent with my mum, dad, brother, this was actually the first time I had ever been away – to stay away for a week – without them.

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Warhammer Online to shut down

I logged in to my work PC a few minutes ago and saw the latest MMORPG email had arrived in my inbox. The first thing to hit me was this:

Warhammer Online : Notice of Shutdown Posted
Posted Sep 18, 2013 by Suzie Ford

The Warhammer Online development team has posted a notice on the official site that states that the game will cease operations on December 18th. The official notice is quite terse but a personal reflection post by Producer Carrie Gouskos is also available on the site.

Greetings Warhammer Online Subscribers,

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A Guild Wars 2 Mini Update

So Guild Wars 2 eh? I get the feeling I’m the only regular here who is playing it like it’s the only game on Earth? Yup currently I’m hooked virtually every night but it isn’t my fault….honest!
It’s all down to this “Living World” concept Arena Net have where every 2 weeks there is something majorly new in the game, usually a large event that runs for 2 solid weeks, and believe me it needs to as there can be a heck of a lot to do if you get into it, and for my sins, I do.

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Finding 'Squatch at a Ben Howard Concert

Last night Mrs Chunder and I went to see Ben Howard perform live at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. This is personally only the third concert – I believe the youth of today call them “gigs” – I have been to in all my –CLASSIFIED- years, the others being local ones by ‘Al Stewart’ and ‘John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers’.

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Another Weight Loss Attempt

Further to my last visit to the Diabetic Clinic, I decided to try yet again to lose some weight / get fitter.

Two weeks ago I weighed myself in at 97.4Kg. After a week of hitting the treadmill (but no real dieting. In fact we ate out big time one evening), I was at 96.4Kg - a pretty good 1Kg loss in a week.

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A Kindle Fable

Once upon a time there was a billy goat who loved to read.
One day Mrs Billy Goat bought her husband a present - a brand new device called a “Kindle” sold by a beautiful Amazon.
Mr Billy Goat was very pleased with it because it had a keyboard, he could have all his books in one place and it had “Three Gee’s” so he could download books anywhere in the World…for free!
Mr Billy Goat loved his wife so much. Mrs Billy Goat began to call the Kindle Mr Billy Goat’s “Third Arm” because he used it so much.

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Kerbal Space Program

As Gormash knows from my Facebook update the other day, I was pissing myself laughing at a YouTube video of someone playing – or trying to play – ‘Kerbal Space Program’. .I’ll attach the video down below, but in case you haven’t seen this game on Steam (where there is also a free demo), you essentially have to create space ships / planes by assembling parts in a hangar on Planet Kerbal, and then blast them into space along with your crew.

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