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Sometimes I have fun at Work

I don’t know about others that come here or read these posts, but historically I think I’ve pretty much shown that I tend to see a lot of fun from life. Perhaps it’s because I’ve had pretty grim times here and there, or perhaps it’s just the way I am. Many would say that it works to my detriment and if I was more serious then I’d be taken more seriously. Frankly I’m too old for that now. As an example of my kind of humour, here’s a short edited email trail from this morning. It revolves around an enquiry we have for which we have signed a non-disclosure agreement.

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Lentil, Bulgar & Chorizo Salad

I figured I'd do a recipe. Haven't posted a recipe for centuries!

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Hey Stigg!

Have you seen this?

For the rest of you, I saw a while ago Stigg said something like "wahoo!" when he saw that The Chronicles of Shannara was to be made for the screen. Having never heard of these books yet trusting his judgement implicitly I downloaded the Audible of the book to my tablet and started listening.

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An update coz Im bored

Seriously bored here in the UK. Le Sigh!
So I got no games for Christmas, which wasn't a huge surprise as I had said to everyone that there wasn't anything I was after until Tom Clancy's The Division comes out in a few months. I did get some books, aftershave, chocolate, a new TomTom (wow arent they thin now?), a mini photo printer and a car dash camera, plus a couple of DVD's and CD's.

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WOT No Gaming? O.o

Chunder stands up; "I can't remember the last time I played a computer game...sob"
Therapy class; "Aaaaahhhh" accompanied with sounds of clapping.

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On Life

Y’know sometimes how life gets you down? It can either be nothing specific you can pin your finger on, or alternatively it can be defined moments – either one or multiples accumulating, that cause the feeling. The past couple of days are two of those days.

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An hour or so in GTA V (PC)

So last night I went out for an evening meal with some colleagues from work, but it was over pretty quickly and I got home in time to play some more GTA V on the PC.

I really must find out what the key is for screenshots.

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Balsamic Cherry Tomato Recipe - Simples!

Last Thursday was my eldest sons birthday and so I asked him if he wanted anything special for me to cook on Saturday. He said he wanted me to "make that pie you make". As I have been known to make a number of different ones it took a few minutes to determine which particular pie he was asking for - I call it my Picnic Pie because in my (apparently solo) view its way nicer cold. I then had to decide what I was going to do with it and opted for Tuscan roast potatoes in white wine, honey glazed carrots and fried shredded cabbage with bacon, then probably some gravy.

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Perhaps the last “what’s been happening”?...NO!!!

So as Tanitha may soon shut down TBT and we may all lose contact with each other, I thought it might be nice to do an update of things since…well whenever. Therefore it’s a bit long.

HOT NEWS - We stay open 27/7, but I'll leave my post as it is as it took me 2 days to write it :)
I'll try to post more, and more frequently.

Personal Stuff

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The Game of Life

So tomorrow morning I go into hospital...again. This is the second attempt at an operation I call a "Gallstonectomy" in my laymans language. It has a proper medical name but I can't remember it. Essentially they want to whip out my gallbladder because I have gallstones, and gallstones can lead to Pancreatitis. After surviving Severe Acute Pancreatitis in 2001, getting it again would be classed as "not a good result"

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