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A Shift in Rift

I realised yesterday that my Eve subscription has another 8 days to run before it rolls over to another month and so I did some rather deep thinking - at least deep for me, which basically entailed picking my nose and looking for somewhere to wipe the ensuing gelatinous results. I then did a browse of some video reviews, and figured I would give Rift another go, so further browsed the Trion general discussion forums before taking a look at Steam to see what offers they were doing.

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Static Fire - The Video

Last night we went to my sons school for a Rock Academy evening. My youngest son Ben (on the left) and his band Static Fire were the first (and youngest) group on stage. Never having seen them play before Mrs Chunder and I were simply blown away by how good they were.

They played 3 of their own instrumentals and while they havent got the "stagecraft" of older and more experienced groups, for 12 year olds they will only get better.

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Simple Video Editing

I havent really done any video editing before so go easy on me. Last night I attended a fantastic concert where my sons band played 3 songs and then some other school bands came on and played. The whole thing lasted about 50 minutes, with Bens band running for the first 10 or so minutes.

I recorded all the show with my HD Android phone & it saved it as a MPEG4 file. When I got home I tried to open it in Windows Movie Maker but it wouldnt see it. I discovered that WMM doesnt see MP4 files so found a free converter on line and that converted it to a .MOV file.

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Were The Mayan's Right After All?

I was thinking to myself last night as I drove home, listening to the radio, that if I were the superstitious type, I might be beginning to put some credence in the Mayan belief that the end of the world will occur in December 2012. It seemed to me at the time that a lot of terrible things and a lot of unrest is occurring around the world both now and in the past few years.

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Oh for an Orca

I know I've been harping on about this ship in Eve for some days now, but this morning I finally finished the skill training required in order to fly one. For those of you who dont know (and are interested), an Orca is a Capital Ship primarily used for fleet mining operations in asteroid belts.

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Chunder: Whats Up?

Still wanted a "ditty" about what we're doing, so I wrote a ditty :)

heres a little ditty about whats going on
and just for fun I made it rhyme like a song

as most of you, some of you, none of you know
I live in the U.K not far from Heathrow
I've worked for this company these past 11 years
yet still redundancy is one of my fears

I price partitions both in drywall and glass
and most of the time its a pain in the arse
but sitting at a desk can sometimes be bliss
as when no ones around I can do things like this

but theres lots going on in my personal time

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Eve Online - Knowing the Proper Damage Type

TL;DR? I fucked up, I fixed it, I'm great :)

I've been playing EvE for some time on and off so I have no excuses for this, except for perhaps early onset of Alzheimer's. I'll explain in a minute, but some background info first;

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EVE New Forums Thread

CCP are trialing some new forums so I popped over there to take a look & came across this thread:

It made me laugh. Even the CCP Devs have posted rude words in it!
In fact its a good idea as at least thay can hopefully refine their filters based on what is said there before they come fully online.

As for my opinion on the new forums, I dont like them. I guess Im used to the old ones more, but I also find them a lot slower to load initially & each thread takes an age to open.

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Welcome Recomendations

In the news today was a report from the UK's independant regulator and competitions authority known as "Ofcom" on the UK's broadband speeds.

It turns out that they have researched ISP's and broadband speeds over a number of households and providers packages and discovered what essentially most of us already knew; which is basically that the UK's providers are swindling bastards, and speeds are on average only half what they advertise.

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Recently in EvE....

With Hulkageddon going strong this week I've let EvE take a bit of a back seat in my leisure time, simply logging in long enough to update my training queue.

I could of course do missions, but my two top agents are Mining Division and Astrogation Division, so the majority of missions tend to mostly revolve around either transporting something in a hauler or mining something in a barge, both of which are Hulkageddon targets!

It also wouldnt be honest if I didnt say that I have downloaded a really great series of sci fi books to my Kindle which has also kept me engrossed.

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