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Recently in EvE....

With Hulkageddon going strong this week I've let EvE take a bit of a back seat in my leisure time, simply logging in long enough to update my training queue.

I could of course do missions, but my two top agents are Mining Division and Astrogation Division, so the majority of missions tend to mostly revolve around either transporting something in a hauler or mining something in a barge, both of which are Hulkageddon targets!

It also wouldnt be honest if I didnt say that I have downloaded a really great series of sci fi books to my Kindle which has also kept me engrossed.

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Further Info on EvE GTC's

Tans post below got me thinking today. I have always subscribed to EvE with my Visa card on a monthly basis as its a) simples, and b) I never know when I want to quit a game so never do a 6 or 12 month paid in advanced plan.

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Chunder Changes Channels (n' stuff)

Valentines Day eh? What better way to tell someone you love them that by making them sit for 2 hours in a shop while you haggle with the salesman? None better I hear you chant :)

So we went into Reading town centre yesterday & arranged to change over our broadband, TV & phone to Virgin Media. They did loads of freebies/offers for us so we officially do the changeover on the 12th March.

Originally we went in with the following criteria which I determined from looking at their online shop:

10Mb broadband.
L size TV package with sky movies, HD box downstairs and non HD box upstairs.

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Sorry Tanitha

Honest I was really really hoping the crew of one of these ships was going to bail out. Alas I had to blow them all into little bits and pieces.

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An EvEning of Missions & Disconnects

Im getting really annoyed with my broadband now. You may remember a post I made a week or so ago about British Telecom - my ISP - somehow cranking my speed down and the 3 day wait for it to return to normal? Well these past 2 days my router, a B.T provided home hub has kept dropping the broadband connection. Its dont the same thing in the past on occasion, but now it seems to be more prevailant.

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The Web of Doom!

Last night our corp & some alliance guys had a group mining op in lo-sec.

Amid shouts of "dont cross the streams - its bad to cross the streams" we plundered 3 belts in amazingly fast times thanks to bonuses provided by the Mining Foreman and other skills (notice the 22Km range on our mining lasers?). A fun time was had by all & special thanks to the alliance guys who ran scans for any unwanted turdburgers entering the system.

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From The Captains Log

This morning I logged into eve over breakfast. I hadnt played last night due to tiredness despite knowing the alliances fondness for sending emails I was still surprised to see 6 of them in my inbox. It turns out however that one of them was an open email from my corporation head honcho. It went something like this:
Dear all, pull your weight or you should leave

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Illegal Mining Activities

Yes another Eve post. Do I care? Nope lol.

So today I decided to see if EvE would function on my work PC. Just before lunch I got it downloaded and I installed it during lunch. I managed to get a minute to try it and yup "its a goer".

So this afternoon I was naughty. I checked the box to launch it as a window and I can tab in and out of the game, hiding it behind other work related windows if anyone walks by. I went mining :) VERY naughty Chunder!!!

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My Call of Duty: Covert Ops

This weekend I was mulling over what to train for next. Its not necessarily the training time of the skills which is the pain, its more the lack of ISK. Fro example I could train for a Carrier in a few weeks but it would take a few months of dedicated playing to be able to afford one, and "there's the rub" as they say!

A Carrier would be nice though. I could get involved in more of the alliance PvP ops where they are a basic requirement (our alliance is currently involved with taking over another alliances system).

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Littering in Eve

Yeah sorry about that. I'll tidy up in a minute.

Oh and I'll just get rid of this building too shall I?

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