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Oh for an Orca

I know I've been harping on about this ship in Eve for some days now, but this morning I finally finished the skill training required in order to fly one. For those of you who dont know (and are interested), an Orca is a Capital Ship primarily used for fleet mining operations in asteroid belts.

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Chunder: Whats Up?

Still wanted a "ditty" about what we're doing, so I wrote a ditty :)

heres a little ditty about whats going on
and just for fun I made it rhyme like a song

as most of you, some of you, none of you know
I live in the U.K not far from Heathrow
I've worked for this company these past 11 years
yet still redundancy is one of my fears

I price partitions both in drywall and glass
and most of the time its a pain in the arse
but sitting at a desk can sometimes be bliss
as when no ones around I can do things like this

but theres lots going on in my personal time

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Eve Online - Knowing the Proper Damage Type

TL;DR? I fucked up, I fixed it, I'm great :)

I've been playing EvE for some time on and off so I have no excuses for this, except for perhaps early onset of Alzheimer's. I'll explain in a minute, but some background info first;

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EVE New Forums Thread

CCP are trialing some new forums so I popped over there to take a look & came across this thread:

It made me laugh. Even the CCP Devs have posted rude words in it!
In fact its a good idea as at least thay can hopefully refine their filters based on what is said there before they come fully online.

As for my opinion on the new forums, I dont like them. I guess Im used to the old ones more, but I also find them a lot slower to load initially & each thread takes an age to open.

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Welcome Recomendations

In the news today was a report from the UK's independant regulator and competitions authority known as "Ofcom" on the UK's broadband speeds.

It turns out that they have researched ISP's and broadband speeds over a number of households and providers packages and discovered what essentially most of us already knew; which is basically that the UK's providers are swindling bastards, and speeds are on average only half what they advertise.

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Recently in EvE....

With Hulkageddon going strong this week I've let EvE take a bit of a back seat in my leisure time, simply logging in long enough to update my training queue.

I could of course do missions, but my two top agents are Mining Division and Astrogation Division, so the majority of missions tend to mostly revolve around either transporting something in a hauler or mining something in a barge, both of which are Hulkageddon targets!

It also wouldnt be honest if I didnt say that I have downloaded a really great series of sci fi books to my Kindle which has also kept me engrossed.

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Further Info on EvE GTC's

Tans post below got me thinking today. I have always subscribed to EvE with my Visa card on a monthly basis as its a) simples, and b) I never know when I want to quit a game so never do a 6 or 12 month paid in advanced plan.

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Chunder Changes Channels (n' stuff)

Valentines Day eh? What better way to tell someone you love them that by making them sit for 2 hours in a shop while you haggle with the salesman? None better I hear you chant :)

So we went into Reading town centre yesterday & arranged to change over our broadband, TV & phone to Virgin Media. They did loads of freebies/offers for us so we officially do the changeover on the 12th March.

Originally we went in with the following criteria which I determined from looking at their online shop:

10Mb broadband.
L size TV package with sky movies, HD box downstairs and non HD box upstairs.

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Sorry Tanitha

Honest I was really really hoping the crew of one of these ships was going to bail out. Alas I had to blow them all into little bits and pieces.

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An EvEning of Missions & Disconnects

Im getting really annoyed with my broadband now. You may remember a post I made a week or so ago about British Telecom - my ISP - somehow cranking my speed down and the 3 day wait for it to return to normal? Well these past 2 days my router, a B.T provided home hub has kept dropping the broadband connection. Its dont the same thing in the past on occasion, but now it seems to be more prevailant.

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