Stigg's TBC Twink 19 Rogue Guide

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This is the only true copy of this guide. This guide is completely outdated. I have not played my twink in well over a year (currently 12/15/2008). Further, this guide was created for the beginning of TBC, and much has been outdated even in TBC. If you found this via a search, feel free to browse to see what twinking was like before Blizzard nerfed the hell out of twinking. This will not be updated anymore.


I am sure there is a lot the Knightly-Slumber community can add to this guide, so please feel free to add anything you would like to this thread. I do admit of having very very limited alliance specific twink knowledge. While I have played alliance rogues to 30, I have never taken the time to twink them. If I am missing a quest similar to the Wingblade for WC on the alliance side, please add it. Also, please do not follow this guide word for word to make your twink. Read through it if it interests you then LEARN MORE before making a twink. A simple mistake on my part or you part will cause your twink to ding to 20 and you have just wasted probably around 300 gold.

The basic idea of having a twink is to make him so overpowered that there will be no competition in battlegrounds unless facing another twink. There are many reasons players twink…some to relieve stress after a long day of raiding, others because they have grown tired of playing their main character and are just looking for a fun way to relax. Twinks will be looked on in both glory and in despise. When I was making my first twink there was only one player on the server who had +15 agility to gloves enchant. He refused to give it to any twinks even when I offered 50g with mats for the enchant.

Version 3.0: Added TBC information and a few minor changes throughout.

Version 2: I have added some weapons, items, and more information regarding twinking of Alliance.

The Types of Twink Rogues
There are four types of rogue twinks. They are based primarily on what enchants they use. Each one has arguably better purposes.

Agility Rogues
These are the rogues you see with 180+ agility but only 800 health. These twinks have a huge crit and dodge chance, but if they are getting moonfire spammed they are in trouble. Most twinks hate this form of rogue the most, because you simply can not hit him often enough. 1v1 these twinks are amazing. The problem lies with their inability to have much health to last against multiple opponents.

Stamina Rogues
These rogues are the complete opposite of Agility rogues. They have about 1500 life, but only about 100 agility. Their dodge and crit chance is low, but they have a lot of life, making them hard to kill. I have seen these rogues take on a twink hunter 1v1 purely because they had more life than the hunter did mana. The down side is the inability to get sufficient crits, and the dodge is so low that you will get hit a ton. Of course, that’s why you have massive health…

Balanced Rogues
Here is the nice combination of both. Usually sitting around 130-160 agility with about 1100 health, these rogues have some of both agility and stamina. Your dodge rating won’t be as high as the agility rogues, your health wont be as high as the stamina rogues. You will, however, be able to dodge a decent amount and crit a bit, along with have enough health to keep you alive for a bit longer. This is what most twinks are. Of course, that by no means should force you to be it.

Dodge Rogue
This has been added since the last version. Why? Because they are just too good to pass up. Popularized by Fony, this twink is a twink that has the agiity of a balance rogue, and the stamina less than an agility rogue, but has a dodge of well over 60%. With the huge bonus lower levels get to their abilities, 12 dodge rating translates into about 5% dodge. If agility rogues are non-twink owners, then the dodge rogue is the rogue twink killer. They may not look very impressive, but they can survive longer than stamina rogues.

Rogues can be every race in World of Warcraft except Taurens. This allows for a very diverse twinking community. Although I believe some races are more designed for rogues than others, they each have their own benefits.



Activate to dramatically increase stealth detection - Lasts 20 sec - 3 min cooldown
The Human Spirit
Increase Spirit by 5%
10% bonus to faction point gain
Sword Specialization
Humans get +5 to Sword skill
Mace Specialization – passive
Humans get +5 to Mace skill

Humans make excellent rogues. They can detect other rogues with perception, at level 19 they have a skill level of 20 (which increases chance to hit) for swords and maces. They will also be able to get exalted status with WSG 10% quicker. Human spirit is of course a waste.

While active grants immunity to Bleed, Poison, and Disease effects. In addition, Armor increases by 10%. Lasts 8 seconds.

Gun Specialization
Dwarves get +5 to Gun Skill

Frost Resistance
All Dwarves get +10 to Frost Resistance

Find Treasure
Activate to see treasure chests on mini map

Stoneform can give dwarves that slight edge needed to beat another rogue. They also have +5 to guns, which some twinks prefer.

Escape Artist
Activate to break out of a Root or Snare effect

Expansive Mind
Increase Intelligence by 5%

Arcane Resistance
All gnomes get +10 Arcane resistance

Engineering Specialization
15 skill bonus to Engineering

Gnomes are great. They are small which adds a bit to being stealthy. Not by any technical number, but just from eyesight. They can also get to 150 engineering quicker and have the benefit of being able to create a few more items because they will be at level 165 engineering instead. Escape Artist is also exetremely useful in getting out of sticky situations.

Night Elves
Shadow Meld
Activate while immobile and out of combat to enter stealth mode

Dodge increased by 1%

Wisp Spirit
Become a wisp when dead with movement speed increase of 50%

Nature Resistance
All night elves get +10 Nature Resist

Shadowmeld comes in handy when stealth is still on cooldown. Dodge is extra nice.



Increases your attack speed by 10% to 30%. At full health the speed increase is 10% with a greater effect up to 30% if you are badly hurt when you activate berserking.

10% health regeneration bonus, 10% active in combat

5% damage bonus to beasts

Throwing Specializatoin
+5 to throwing weapons skills

Bow Specialization
+5 to Bow weapon skills.

Trolls make excellent rogues. I slight health regen will benefit a lot when you are stealthing through the enemy tunnels after a big fight. Popping berserking will up your damage and may give you the edge to win the battle. Some twinks prefer bows to guns. With +5 skill to guns, they will benefit immensely with this.

Blood Fury
Increases base melee attack power by 25% for 15 seconds and reduces healing effects on you 50% for 25 seconds.

25% resistance to stun and knockout effects

Pet Melee damage increased by 5%

Axe Specialization
Orcs get +5 to Axe Skill.

Any increase to Attack Power is great for rogues, as is the chance to resist stun and knockout effects.


Will of the Forsaken
Activate to become immune to Fear, Sleep, and Charm effects. Can also be used while already afflicted by Fear or Sleep.

Activate to regenerate 7% of total health every 2 seconds by consuming Humanoid or Undead Corpses within 5 yards.

Underwater Breathing
Underwater breathing lasts 300% longer than normal.

Shadow Resistance
All undead get +10 Shadow resistance.

My first rogue twink was forsaken as is my 60 rogue. WotF is a great tool to use when a priest or warlock comes running in the door and the rest of your party gets feared. Cannibalize is a wonderful utility to regenerate lost health.

Blood Elf
Mana Tap
Reduces target's mana by 51 and charges you with Arcane energy for 10 min. This effect stacks up to 3 times. Amount of mana reduced is 50 + 1/Level. 30 yd range, Instant cast, 30 sec cooldown.
Arcane Torrent
Silences all enemies within 8 yards for 2 sec. In addition, you gain 5 + 1/Level Mana restored per Mana Tap charge currently affecting you - Instant - 2 min cooldown.
Rogues only: Silences all enemies within 8 yards for 2 sec. In addition, you gain 10 Energy for each Mana Tap charge currently affecting you.
Arcane Affinity
10 point skill bonus to Enchanting.
Magic Resistance
Increases all resistances by 5.
Mana Tap is excellent for fighting mana users (especially hunters) in the 10-19 bracket. It may only reduce their mana by 70 or so, but luckily, that is a ton of mana for a hunter. Arcane torrent can turn the game in your favor by silencing a priest or healer.

Racial Starting Stats

Race Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Spirit Armor Health
21 23 21 20 21 48 55
23 19 24 19 19 40 85
Night Elf
18 28 20 20 20 58 45
16 26 20 24 20 54 45
24 20 23 17 23 42 75
22 25 22 16 21 49 52
20 21 22 18 25 44 65
Blood Elf 18 25 19 24 19

Steps to Become a Twink

Things to do during your time leveling:

Explore the world:
Any place that you MIGHT need to go to while you are working on your twink you should go to. This includes BB, up and down the STV coast, Gurubashi Arena, Barrens, Westfall, Any place you may want to gank the other faction’s players, major cities, etc. You do NOT want to be 10xp from leveling when you accidentally discover a new place and level to 20.

Get Lucky Fishing Hat and Nat Pagle’s Extreme Anglin’ Boots
Reward from the weekly fishing competition in STV. This will require a good amount of time fishing (to level up your skill), as well as a great amount of luck (in obtaining the Keefer’s Angelfish and/or Blue Striped Racer). In order to successfully fish (with a 100% collection rate, you will need over 250 fishing skill. This is done with ease if you get your fishing skill to 150 (the highest you can have at 19) then add reels (+100) and purchase the Strong Fishing Pole(+5). Of course, you can fish there at lower skill than 150, but I would not waste my time finding an incredibly rare fish without all the added support I could get. Getting the boots is now just as important as getting the Hat. The boots have a level rating of above 35, which means the TBC enchants will work on it. Cat’s Swiftness will give you a healthy stamina boost in addition to your minor speed increase! Please note, no XP is gained from any of this.
Keefer’s Angelfish – Lucky Fishing Hat
Blue Striped Racer – Nat pagle’s Extreme Anglin’ Boots.

Get the Arena Grand Master Trinket:
Now this is tough. Every three hours at the Gurubashi Arena in STV, a goblin puts a chest in the middle of a free for all PVP arena. It doesn’t matter if you are on a PVE server, other players can and will kill you for it. Even your own faction can kill you once you hit the ground of the arena. AND you have to open the chest on 12 different occasions and get the Arena trinket that is in there. Make sure you have atleast 5 slots open in your inventory. This way you can Shift-click the chest and loot everything at once. There is no reason to waste any more time than you need to getting the trinket. You will need to click the “Accept” button when the “This item is BOP” comes up, so be ready for that. Any damage done to you while you are opening the chest will result in you having to do it again. You WILL get 540 XP for completing the first turn in. After that, collect 12 and turn them in for no XP.

Step 1: Get to level 10.
Before you get to level 10, there is no way for you to enter any instances besides Ragefire Chasm, so the only twinking you can do is to scan the Auction House for the items that you will not be getting from inside an instance. Make sure you do not go past level 14. There is a chance it will take you multiple runs to get the items from the instances, especially if you are not having a high level player running you through. Doubtfully any rogue is going to pass up the chance to roll on twink items just because you say you are a twink. Pick up Mining and Skinning and make sure you have a skill of 150 before entering into WC. From here on out, make sure you are mining and skinning every chance you can get! Also, pick up First Aid and level it with every cloth drop you get. The max a level 19 can get is 220, but they can use Heavy Runecloth Bandages. 2000 Health over 8 seconds? Yep, I’ll take that!

Step 2: Run Deadmines
Go straight to Vancleef. There is not a single drop in VC that is worth anything to a twink except for the drops off of Vancleef. You will want Blackened Defias Armor and optionally the Cruel Barb which both drop off Vancleef. The drop rate isn’t too high, so this may take you a few runs. If you don’t have a good amount of money or a 60 yourself, running this until the Cruel Barb drops is a good idea. For alliance, make sure you pick up the quest “The Defias Brotherhood” from Gryan Stoutmantle in Westfall. This will allow you to obtain the Tunic of Westfall, a good agility rogue chest-piece.

Step 3: Run Wailing Caverns
A complete clear of WC is practically needed to get ALL of your twink gear from WC. The three items a twink will want are the Venomstrike, the Talbar Mantle, and the Leggings of the Fang. I recommend running this second, only because hopefully your skinning will be high enough to skin all the deviates that are around. Make sure to keep 10 Deviate Scales and 10 Perfect Deviate Scales. It will save you a good amount on costs. Find a friend that can make you Deviate Scale Belt. You will need 2 fine thread as well. Since the release of TBC, the Leggings of the Fang has become completely obsolete. The usage of the Clefthide Leg Armor and the Nethercleft Leg armor has made any green far superior. They will cost you some gold, but it will be a huge advantage to get those instead of the Leggings of the Fang.

Step 4: Check your gear
At this time, you should have the Following items:
Blackened Defias Armor
Deviate Scale Belt
Talbar Mantle

Optional items:
Cruel Barb
Leggings of the Fang – This is only optional if you have enough gold to get a Clefthide Armor kit and somebody that is above level 60 (even if it’s a friend). If you don’t, farm for this item.

If you don’t have the first three, make sure you go back to WC and VC until you get them. If you have the last three, great, if not, no worries.

Step 5: Level to 18.
After you get the above three items, there is no reason to sit around. Start getting up in level. If you are alliance, make sure you get the ring Seal of Wrynn available from the quest, “An Audience with the King.” Alliance, you are done. If you are horde, there is one last item you need to get from instances. You will need to be run through Shadowfang Keep to obtain The Seal of Sylvanas. You need to complete the quest “Arugal Must Die” in which you kill Arugal, the final boss in SFK. The quest level is 18, so there is no reason to enter SFK before this point. Make sure you do this quest as soon as you hit 18. If something goes wrong and you need to quit before the instance is complete, there is a chance you will level to 20 trying to get this quest completed.

Step 6: Auctionhouse is your friend
Now is when money becomes important. You will need to purchase the rest of you gear off the AH or attempt to go farm for it on a different character. Here is what you are looking for:

Sentry Cloak (Back item)
Forest Leather Bracers (Wrists)
Scouting Gloves of the Monkey (Hands)
Feet of the Lynx (Feet) – If you can’t fish for the boots.
Blood Ring (1 if horde, 2 for alliance)
Shadowfang (Main hand)
Assassin Blade (Off hand)
Lil Timmy Pea Shooter (ranged – optional)

The Forest Leather Bracers and Scouting Gloves of the Eagle will not be that expensive. The rest will. I farmed for my blades and the rest still cost over 180g to obtain.

Step 7: Armor Enchantments
This is where there can be a large variation in what twinks do. Some opt for agility while others opt for stamina. I personally opt for stamina so that I can live longer against more than one player. The other strong recommendation I have is to get the Minor speed/Cat’s Swiftness enchant on boots. This will help you get away from other players and will help you catch the flag carrier. The choice is yours.

Bracer: +9 Stamina
15x Illusion Dust
Gloves: +15 Agility
3xNexus Crystal
8x Large Brilliant Shards
4x Essence of Air
Gloves: +7 Agility
3x Lesser Eternal Essence
3x Illusion Dust

Chest: +100 Health
6x Illusion Dust
1x Small Brilliant Shard

Boots: Minor Speed Increase
1x Small Radiant Shard
1x Aquamarine
1x Lesser Nether Essence

Boots: Cat’s Swiftness
8x Large Prismatic Shard
8x Primal Air

Cloak: +3 Agility
2x Lesser Nether Essence

Cloak: +12 Dodge Rating
3x Nexus Crystal
8x Large Brilliant Shard
8x Guardian Stone

Legs: Clefthide Armor Kit
4x Heavy Knothide Leather
8x Thick Clefthoof Leather
4x Primal Earth

Legs: Nethercleft Leg Armor
4x Heavy Knothide Leather
16x Thick Clefthoof leather
8x Primal Earth
1x Primal Nether

If you opt to not get the +15 agi to gloves and go for the +7 instead, here are the mats you are looking at:

1 Small Radiant Shard
1 Small Brilliant Shard
1 Aquamarine
3 Lesser Nether Essence
3 Lesser Eternal Essence
24 Illusion Dust

Once again, enchants will vary between twinks, so make sure you know what YOU want before going out and buying/farming these mats.

Step 8: Weapon Enchantments
Another argument point in twinks is whether to get +15 agility on both, crusader on one or both, fiery, +5 damage, whatever. Having crusader in the mainhand will allow you to live much longer. I have also been running away with the flag and had it proc many times to save my life and win the match. I also prefer +15 agility to the offhand. The benefit of this non-proc enchant will show up in ways you don’t even notice. Other good options for twinks weapon enchants are Lifestealing and Superior Striking.

For Crusader and +15 agi you will need:

2 Righteous Orbs
10 Large Brilliant Shard
6 Greater Eternal Essence
14 Illusion Dust
4 Essence of Air

The prices for these vary greatly from server to server. On my current server, these mats would run you in the range of about 250-300 gold. If you can not afford this, Fiery Enchant is another great enchant and only requires per weapon:

4 Small Radiant Shard
1 Essence of Fire

This should run about 30 gold each…or about 60 gold total.

For Lifestealing you will need:
6 Essence of Undeath
6 Essence of Living
6 Large Brilliant Shards

Weapon Enchantment Breakdown

+15 Agility
This is almost always your best bet for your off-hand. Because your chance to hit with your offhand is so low, using a proc-based enchant for your offhand is almost useless. From this +15 Agility you will gain crit chance, attack power, and dodge. This will allow you to hit for more, take less damage, and crit more often.

This is my number one choice for Mainhand. I used to use crusader but I switched to this. Lifestealing will take 30 health away from you opponent and give you 30 health. The massive benefit of this is to be able to kill your opponent quickly before they have time to get assistance. Also, since damage is dealt on a proc, dodge of your opponent is void, as procs don’t take into account a dodged attack. Therefore, even if you are going against a player with over 100% dodge rating, you will still inflict damage IF this procs. I also have found Lifestealing to proc more often (about 4x) than Crusader.

This is the other main hand enchant you will see a lot of twinks using. It will heal them for a substantial amount (75-125) and increase their strength for 100 for a short time. I have found crusader to proc much less often than Lifestealing. Crusader does increase your damage output by raising your attack power, but for the duration of the proc, you will most likely not squeeze out the extra 30 damage Lifestealing gives you. This is especially true if you are going against a player with a high dodge rating.

This is one of the enchants a lot of semi-twinked players or players that haven’t saved up the money to buy the mats for Crusader or Lifestealing, will use. The damage output from fiery is 45 damage, which is 150% more than crusader. It does proc around the same amount as Lifestealing, but you will not get 30 health back from it. Also, like Lifestealing, it does have a chance to proc while your opponent is dodging. Like I said before, this is an enchant that is relatively cheap (compared to the other enchants) and shouldn’t cost more than 20g.

Superior Striking
This will increase your white damage immensely. Allowing for harder hits is amazing, especially when you figure over time this will do more damage than Lifestealing and Crusader. I have tested this and I loved it. Unfortunately for me, I rarely have a healer on my side and the benefit of Lifestealing far outweighs that of extra damage.

Icy Chill
Here is a fun one. I rarely see twinks pull out a weapon with this on it. I only use it when I see a 19 hunter closing in, and as soon as it procs (or the hunter gets away) I switch it out again. The other time I have this is when I am on defense and a few of the opposing faction are coming over. If it is evident that I am NOT going to be able to kill them (i.e. more than 3 of them) I will throw this on and whack away at the flag carrier. It should proc atleast once before I die, and that is more than enough to slow them down to a pace where my team can catch them and get our flag back.

Step 9: Engineering/Fishing
Here is another choice you must make. Are you going to level engineering to 150 or are you going to hope to get lucky and win the STV Fishing contest and get the Lucky Fishing Hat? I have both, and I would suggest you start off with the Engineering hat. To get to 150 engineering will require a large amount of copper, tin, and purchased materials from the vendor. There is a wonderful engineering guide on under the Professions Forum. Check it out for the fastest and cheapest engineering method to 150 (and 300…) The STV fishing hat has almost double the stamina as the engineering hat, but it is by pure luck you will be able to get the hat. To try it, level your fishing up to 150 buy some lures (recommend 225 fishing for 100% catch rate) and hope to god you catch the rare fish before anybody else does. It will probably take a few weeks at minimum! The added benefit of Engineering is the ability to make bombs that stun other players and inflict damage upon them.

Step 10: Librams

+100 Health (Libram of Constitution)
You will need to buy a Libram of Constitution and have a high level friend who can gather the items you need to complete the quest. The items for the quest (besides the Libram) are:

1x Black Diamond
4x Dragon's Breath
1x Lung Juice Cocktail

The Black diamonds can be bought off the AH for about a gold a piece. The Dragon’s Breath is from a quest line in Felwood starting with “Cleansing Felwood” and the Lung Juice cocktail is a quest in Blasted Lands named “A Boars Vitality.” Both are repeatable quests, so they can do them as many times as needed to obtain all the reagents for the Librams. Once they have gathered the reagents, they need to go to Dire Maul to turn in the quest and get the Lesser Arcanum of Constitution. Once this is completed, meet up with them in game and open the trade window and place your Leggings of the Fang and your Green Tinted Goggles in the DO not trade window and have them enchant your armor. And make sure you give them a decent tip….they just put in a lot of work.

+8 Agility (Libram of Voracity)
You will need to buy two Libram of Voracities and have a high level friend assist you in finishing the quest.

1x Black Diamond
4x Crystal Force
4x Whipper Root Tuber
30 Gold

Obtaining two of these will increase your dodge, attack power, and crit chance by a good amount. This is what agility based rogues go for.

+12 Dodge Rating(Libram of Protection)
You will need to buy a Libram of Protection and have a high level friend assist you in finishing the quest.
For each Libram you will need:
1x Black Diamond
1x Abomination Stitching
4x Large Brillant Shards
The benefit of 12 dodge rating is huge. At level 19 that translates into just under 5% dodge. So, effectively if you had two of these you would raise your dodge by about 10%. The downside is you are not going to dodge a spell, so if a druid is moonfire spamming your or a mage is frostbolting you, there is no reason to have these. But, for those times when you are getting whacked by all 10 rogues from the other team, if you have this and pop evasion, your dodge will be through the roof and give you a good chance of getting away.

+125 Armor (Libram of Tenacity)
Black Diamond
Libram of Tenacity
Crystal Ward
Eye of Kajal
Thanks to owlx for recommending this. Although I have never tested this, damage mitigation from hunters or other melee is huge. I am not sure how much damage this does mitigate, but you can’t dodge a hunter’s ranged attack so this will be useful against them.

Step 11: Enjoy!
Well now that you have all of your gear go out and start slashing at some horde/alliance!

Since you only have 10 talent points to spend, you need to spend them wisely. The most common builds include points in some of these talents:

Improved Gouge
Improved Sinister Strike
Lightning Reflexes
Improved Backstab

Some common builds are:
5/5 Malice
5/5 Lightning Reflexes

5/5 Malice
2/2 Sinister Strike
3/3 Imp. Gouge

5/5 Lightning Reflexes
2/2 Sinister Strike
3/3 Imp. Gouge

A few rogues I know go into their second tier trees. This way they can get Precision and improved backstab. I personally love Improved gouge, the utility of it is amazing. Having a 5.5 second gouge is incredible. You can bandage yourself, get away, or allow your friends to catch up. And for going against hunters, the extra 1.5 seconds allows you to get fully out of range of their concussive shot.

Appendix A: Armor

Green Tinted Goggles – Obtained from 150 Engineering
Lucky Fishing Hat – Obtained from winning the weekly STV fishing tournament
Bloodsail Admiral’s Hat – Nearly Impossible to get. Requires Hated with Booty Bay

Talbar Mantle – Clear every druid of the fang boss in WC then initiate the event at the entrance to the cave by talking to the Tauren. Escort quest then battle.
Grey/white trash – If you can not obtain the Talbar mantle, look for the highest valued leather armor value on a grey/white should piece.

Sentry Cloak – World Drop
Glowing Lizardscale Cloak – Drop off Skum in WC

Blackened Defias Armor – Drop off Van Cleef in Deadmines
Tunic of Westfall – VC quest reward

Forest Leather Bracers – Uncommon World Drop
Any green “of the monkey” or “of Stamina” or “of Agility”

Scouting Gloves of the Monkey – Uncommon World Drop
Any green “of the monkey” or “of Stamina” or “of Agility”
Red Whelp Gloves – Pattern bought off Wenna Silkbeard in Wetlands. Limited Supply

Deviate Scale Belt – Pattern for quest starts above WC entrance in the cave. Mats found only in WC

Any green +agi or + sta or combination (with Cobrahide or Netherhide enchants)
Leggings of the Fang – Drop off Lord Cobrahn in WC. Only boss to the left when entering WC.

Nat Pagle’s Extreme Anglin’ Boots – With Cat’s swiftness senchant.
Feet of the Lynx – World Drop
Footpads of the Fang – Lord Serpentis in WC

Seal of Sylvanas – “Arugal Must Die” quest for SFK obtained at level 18 for horde only. Begins in Sepulcher from Dalar Dawnweaver. Requires you to kill Arugal, the final boss in SFK.
Seal of Wrynn – Alliance only, quest “An Audience with the King”
Blood Ring – Uncommon World Drop
Any green “of the monkey” or “of Stamina” or “of Agility”
WSG ring
Meadow Ring of Eluding – Green drop

WSG neck

Arena Grand Master – Quest for winning the STV arena event 12 times
PVP trinket – 4k+ honor required
Minor Recombobulator – 140 Engineering
Gnome only – Ice Deflector

Appendix B: Weapons

Shadowfang – Very rare SFK drop off any trash or bosses.
Cruel Barb – Drop off Van Cleef in Deadmines.
Assasin Blade – Very Rare drop in SFK off trash or bosses.
Wingblade – Quest in WC to kill all the bosses. Starts with “Hamuul Runetotem” from Tonga Runetotem in The Barrens. Questline. (Horde Only)
Skeletal Club

Assasin Blade – Very Rare drop in SFK off trash or bosses.
Ironpatch Blade – Rare World Drop
Nightwatch Shortsword – Rare World Drop
Cruel Barb
Stinging Viper

Ranged (All with +2 dmg Scopes)
Lil Timmy’s Peashooter – Rare World Drop
Venomstrike – Lord Serpentis in Wailing Caverns

Appendix C: Which WSG Items to get First
Quite a few players from my guild have made twinks. They have all the BOP’s and BOE’s and are now just working on their WSG armor and weapons. So which do you get first? In the end, it won’t matter, especially if you have a nice pre-made that can win WSG games in less than 10 minutes. But if you don’t, here’s what I would recommend getting.

First – If you don’t have Assasin’s Blade (or not expecting to get one soon) go with the Scout’s Blade first. Having a decent Off-hand is a huge damage increase, and the stats on it are pretty darn good.

Second – Get the Necklace. You don’t have a necklace equipped now, so you may as well get an extra 6 agility and 2 stamina.

Third – PVP Trinket. This is the one that you will need to go to a major city to get. It will break fear and polymorph. It takes a lot of honor to get, so make sure you are saving up for it.

Third – Ring. You should already have a few rings…so this is just an extra item you can get and wear it until you get better rings

Last – Bow. You won’t use it that much, but you may as well get it.

Appendix D: Dueling
First and foremost, stop all your jumping. Anything that can affect you while you are on the ground can affect you while you are in the air. A melee attack isn’t gonna miss you because it is aimed at your feet rather than your stomach. A Frost nova isn’t gonna be resisted because you are not standing on the ice. All you are doing is preventing yourself from actually hitting a target for a few seconds while you land, turn around, and get back to your target. And by that time, your target is already landed, facing you, and ready to go again. I strongly suggest using your mouse to move. You can make much quicker turns using your mouse. So when your enemy does jump past your head, you can turn on a dime, get in 2 shots at his back (where dodge is ignored) and you are at a huge advantage. Jumping rogues are the easiest to beat, and will always be cake to decimate regardless of how good there gear is.

Are you going to beat every player you face regardless of class and items? No way. So get that out of your head right now. You will lose to a level 15. You will lose to a player who can’t even target you for 10 seconds. Why? Because this game is all about chance. I have a base dodge when I start out WSG with over 75% dodge. The chances of two consecutive hits against me from melee is 6.25%. Three hits is 1.6% and four is .4%. I have been consecutively hit 8 times in a row, when I was facing my target. The chances of that happening are .0015%. And yet, it happened. It killed me from full health. That is one of the major reasons I don’t talk smack. Yes, my gear is much better than most 19’s. But that doesn’t mean I am invincible. Anyways, here is a little run through of dueling techniques I use. I am a dodge rogue. If you are an ambush rogue, ignore all of these, sap your target, get behind them, stealth and ambush. Heck, you can do that regardless of what rogue you are….but the chances you will get an opportunity to do that (especially against players that are ?? and can see you coming from a mile away is next to nil…)

The most likely class you will encounter is the rogue. If you are dueling (or encounter a 1v1 situation) the best thing you can do, is start off by sapping them. Once you sap them, get behind them, and wait for your energy to regen. Stealth and ambush them. This should knock off a good portion of their life. If they are smart, they will turn to face you immediately, which is a good reason to get a gouge off. Wait the full length of the gouge (get behind them if you want) and pop Slice and Dice. You can backstab them if you want, or you can just whittle them down with SS’s.

Of course, that is only the optimal way to handle another rogue. In reality, you may not get your sap off, you will become sapped, you will miss your gouge, etc. When this happens, keep your cool. Do NOT pop evasion….yet. You want them to pop theirs first. Gouge as often as you can, it gives you time to take a breath and evaluate what you need to do. When they finally DO pop evasion, run. Get away from them. There’s no point in attempting to hit a rogue that has 90% or more dodge. If you feel like you can stay behind them, then fine, stick around. But you’re going to be missing. And a lot. As soon as their evasion is finished, run straight back into the fight and pop yours (if you need to). Make sure you have Slice and Dice up at all times, and don’t waste time on gouges. They shouldn’t be hitting you enough during those 15 seconds to make it worthwhile.

For dueling against other rogues, I suggest having as much dodge as possible, while having two damage procs (even if it is fiery….) in main and off hand. Even non-twinked rogues have a huge dodge rating at 19. You will miss, but the damage proc’s will whittle them down.

As a twink rogue, learn to identify the hunters early in the fight. They are the only class to beat us in 1v1 all the time. How do they do this? With Concussive shot (even improved Concussive shot…), Wingclip, and their pet boar’s charge, they can slow you down almost indefinitely. If there is any chance for you to NOT take a hunter on 1v1, do it. As soon as you see that hunter’s mark above your head, you need to make a choice. Turn around and go back into your group, or charge at him. Anything else and you are a sitting duck.
In duels, hunters CAN be a little easier. You know you are facing a hunter, so you can gear up for them. Stamina is the number one priority while fighting a hunter. If he runs out of mana before you run out of health, you win. Having an unbuffed health of over 1300 should allow you to come close. In the best scenario, having a weapon with a fast speed enchanted with Icy Chill is ideal.
Start the fight by sapping the hunter. Kill his pet as quickly as possible. Sap breaks in 25 seconds or less. As soon as his pet is dead, start in on the hunter. At this close of range, he will try to wing clip you. Use evasion. A high dodge rating will help you waste a lot of his mana while he tries to wing clip you. As soon as you are wingclipped, pop sprint. Keep up with him at all costs. If you do not kill him within the 15 seconds your sprint is up, you have lost (unless you have icy chill….)
If he initiates the fight, pop sprint and get close to him. As soon as you are in melee range, pop evasion. Now you only have 15 seconds to whittle him down from full life. And always always, stay behind him. He can’t wing clip you if you are behind him!
And don’t forget….if he is low on health and gets away, use your ranged.

The last class to really give us a problem. A good mage will have Ice Armor up every second of the Battleground. This will not only slow you down, but it will also slow your attack speed substantially. Luckily, the mages have next to no armor, and their health is low enough to kill fairly quickly. On top of this slowing effect, 90% of the time they will use frost nova immediately after you hit them. Therefore, the BEST way to encountera mage is from directly in front of them. Get a good solid hit off on them, then turn to the direction they are going. By the time they get out of range, you would have hit them 4 times, so get ready for your ranged attack. Usually a shot or two will kill them off.

The other option is to sneak in behind them and get off a powerful ambush. This should cut their life in at least a third, if not much, much less.

If a mage has your flag and you and a teammate are trying to get it back, let them go in for it first. Frost Nova has a 25 second cooldown, so as soon as your friend gets FN’ed in place, run in there, pop sprint (you will be slowed from hitting him) and unleash. You have about 20 seconds to kill her. It should be easy enough. If you are dueling a mage, put on all of your agility items. You can’t dodge spells, so there is no reason to have anything related to dodge equipped.

Warriors have two strong abilities with relatively short cooldowns after you dodge one of their attacks. So get rid of your dodge gear. Get as much agility and health as you can. This is a pretty straight forward fight. As soon as they see you, you are getting charged and hamstrung. Once that is done, they are just going to sit and wail on you. A good warrior will Disarm you and give you about 5 debuffs. Keep them gouged and stay behind them as much as possible. Keep slice and dice up as much as possible. Don’t pop evasion. If there is any chance of you initiating the fight, using Garrote will do a ton of damage as it ignores armor. And, if you generate enough combo points while your Slice and Dice is still up, throw up an Expose Armor.

They are going to DOT you, they are going to try and fear you. Use kick or gouge when they are almost finished casting their spells, and use your PVP trinket to break fears. Ignore their minion….they do next to no damage. This fight should be over very quickly.

Well played priests are incredibly hard to take down. You have to do more damage than they can heal for….which means you need to do damage like a mad-man to kill them. They can also fear you. You need to conserve your energy, so don’t use a kick or gouge to stop them from casting Psychic Scream. Just be ready to pop your trinket as soon as they do. It is on a 30 second cooldown, so as soon as they use it, you are good for another 30 seconds. Instead, save enough energy for their heals. Do not keep your energy bar hovering around 10 or 20, keep it up around 40 or 50. If you can kick them as they are casting a heal, you are going to kill them. Their shield only absorbs 158 damage, so a few quick hits, and the shield is down.

In the 10-19 bracket, these guys are almost pointless to mention. They will use entangling roots to freeze you, and they will attempt to kill you in their bear form. Have a kick ready when they shapeshift out to heal themselves, and they are dead. The just don’t have anything to offer in 1v1’s.

Like druids, these guys really don’t have anything to offer. They can stun you, and you will need to kill them atleast twice (as they will bubble and heal to full) but besides that, its just a simple SS fight.

These have been popping up a ton in WSG since TBC. I don’t understand it. They make excellent flag carriers, but too many times they seek out players for 1v1. And they will lose. At 19, they do not have frost shock, which means the MOST they can do is kite us with totems. The problem is, they don’t have a large enough mana supply to kite us AND damage us, so after they get done kiting you for 5 minutes, they are left with facing you 1v1 with no mana. Another words, you win. Even if they had mana, they just can not do enough damage to take us down.

A smart shaman will face you one on one, but when they start getting low on health, will drop an earthbind totem, walk away, and heal himself. What YOU do, is walk the opposite way, bandage yourself, then stealth. And you’re back to ground 0.

Appendix E: A little about me

I have gotten a lot of requests for the build and items I use. I have spent a lot of time on my twink and have researched many different builds and item sets going against different classes (and players). Here you go:

My build, which does not change:
5/5 Lightning Reflexes – 5% to Dodge.
2/2 Improved Sinister Strikes – Reduces energy cost of SS by 5
3/3 Improved Gouge – Lets me get away when I need to or bandage or whatever.

My Favorite Set:
This is the “Dodge Set” I will throw this on when I need to take on multiple melee players. I usually have this equipped when I start a WSG, then switch it out to see when I see which classes I am facing:

Head: Lucky Fishing Hat [+12 Dodge Rating]
Shoulder: Talbar Mantle
Chest: Blackened Defias Chest [+100 Health]
Legs: Dark Leather Pants [+35 Stamina +15 Agi]
Wrist: Forest Leather Bracers [+9 Stamina]
Hand: Scouting Gloves of the Monkey [+15 Agility]
Back: Sentry Cloak [12 Dodge Rating]
Feet: Nat pagle’s Extreme Anglin Boots [+6 Agility Minor Speed Increase]
Weapon 1: Shadowfang [+15 Agility]
Weapon 2: Assasins Blade [+15 Agility]
Ranged: Venomstrike [+3 Scope]
Ring 1: Meadow Ring of Eluding
Ring 2: Meadow Ring of Eluding
Trinket 1: Arena Grand Master
Trinket 2: Arena Grand Master

End result is about 77% chance to dodge, and still maintain over 1200 Health. Sure, the warriors can overpower me, but they won’t hit me with anything else. I have never lost one vs. one to another rogue using this build and gear. If for whatever reason, I begin getting low on health, step one is to pop evasion. Nobody can hit a rogue with over 125% dodge (if they can’t get behind you…) I will also switch my weapons out with dual Assasin’s Blades with Lifestealing on both. The quick attack rate coupled with a high proc rate will get me back some health very quickly. If I am still not comfortable with how well I am doing, I can pop one of my AGM’s, resulting in my health “increasing” by 750 to 1250 for 20 seconds.

Second to last note
There is a huge debate in the twink community on whether Slice and Dice or Eviscerate will deal more damage. I prefer to use Slice and Dice over Eviscerate, as my white damage is one heck of a lot more than a full 5 point Eviscerate. I also love Slice and Dice because chances are, once you kill your first target, you will need to move on to another player….so why not start at a huge advantage against them?

The only time I use Eviscerate is if it will be the killing blow in a duel. Other than that, it is all Slice and Dice for me.

One last note.
If you want to have something that I can guarantee less than .1% of all twinks have, you will need to get Bloodsail’s Admiral Hat. You will need to kill Booty Bay guards (and lots of them) and all the goblin leaders in BB in order to be able to obtain this hat. But it is one crazy nice hat for a twink, and I have NEVER EVER seen a twink (or any player for that matter) with one.

At all times: STV Arena, Fishing for Hat and Boots, AH, get engineering to 150, get First Aid to 225
Step 1: Get to Level 10
Step 2: Run Deadmines for Blackened Defias Chest (Alliance, complete the quest for Seal of Wrynn)
Step 3: Run WC for Talbar Mantle (optionally Leggings of the Fang)
Step 4: If Horde, get to level 18 and complete quest for Seal of Sylvannas by killing final SFK boss.
Step 5: Get enchants.

Stigg’s Twink WSG and World PVP Horde Guide
Let me first point out, this is more of a horde guide than an Alliance guide. A lot of the WSG will apply to alliance as well, you just have to flip it.

If you have followed my Twink Rogue Guide, you are very well prepared to decimate in WSG. You now have a huge advantage against non-twink players and a pretty darn good chance against other twinks. But, you are still going to lose. You will face players that are better than you, and you will face teams that are seemingly unbeatable. So what do you do?

You learn as much about the game as you can and hope that you can utilize that knowledge to exploit the other team. As I have stated in my other guides, by no means should you follow any of this 100%. You should, however, practice some of these techniques and improve upon them. Now then, let’s run through a simple game of 10-19 WSG.

One last note before we get started. Don’t forget to use sap….and use it often. If I see a flag carrier from the other team running away, even if I know I can kill it, I will sap it and wait for a hunter or more support. There is no reason for him to pop sprint or a swiftness potion, or slow me in some manner and get away. If there are 4 players coming at you, sap one then take on 3. Chances are you can kill at least 2 of them before the sap wears off, and then it’s a 2v1 again. Just USE IT!

Step 1: Buffs
Look at your raid members. If there is any buffing class, request they buff you. Always thank them, a lot of players in the 10-19 bracket don’t understand what is going on…

Step 2: Assess the other team and your gear
Pull up the BG scorecard. Take a look at the other classes. If they are all rogues (which happens quite a bit) toss on some dodge and agi gear. It also might be wise to have a damage proccing weapon in the MH. If they are casters, grab a lot of Agility and Stamina. You should also announce to your team if there are any well-known twinks or healers on the other team. This way, the lower level players on your team can attempt to stay away from the twinks and everybody can focus on the healers.

Step 2: Out the Door
The gates are down. If you have Minor Speed on your boots (which you should), you are in the leading spot for the boots. If you can, grab them. Run down and jump off the final hill (gets you a little bit more distance before the boots wear off) and scroll across the opposing team. If they are all 19’s let your team know. Usually, this will slow them up a bit and allow for a better collection of players. A well organized team will take down a full twink team if they stay close to their base. As soon as you are finished scanning the other team, sidestep to the right and get behind the big boulder there. This will prevent hunters from marking you.

Step 3: Fight or Flag?
Now you have to make a choice. Go for the flag and hope your team can defend yours or help your team destroy the initial onslaught of the opposing team. I prefer to do a mix of both. 9 times out of 10, the opposing team is going to go straight for your tunnel, which conveniently has all your team in it. You have gotten far enough ahead that you can now take out the stragglers left behind. The players (usually priests and healers) will be mostly 1 on 1 situations, as their entire team is in a blood frenzy and won’t take notice to their healers death until they stop getting heals. Taking out the healers helps your team out a ton. The healers can’t run and heal at the same time, so even if you can’t manage to kill one quickly, you have successfully prevented their team from getting some heals.

The other players that are often left behind are hunters. Luckily, they have already sent their pets into the blood frenzy at your gates, so it is a 1v1. And, they usually stay focused on sniping out that last hunter that you can get in a few good swings prior to them focusing on you.

Once you have taken out the players that were “left behind” go straight for the flag. By the time you get to the flag room, the 25 second rez timer has expired atleast once, so they are all rezd and back into the blood frenzy.

Grabbing the Flag
As you go up the walkway into their flag room, take a look at the map. Don’t worry about the boots. Assuming you haven’t died and they were grabbed at the start of the fight, they will not be there. Hopefully your team has broken through their defenses and are fairly close to the alliance base. If your team HAS broken through their defenses, chances are they are now fighting at the entrance to the alliance base tunnel. Grab the flag and go rampside. This will put your team between you and their graveyard, so you should be home free. Don’t forget to announce to your team that you are going ramp. Run back, cap the flag, and repeat.

Right…the chances of that happening…
Ok, so that is the ideal way in which a WSG will go. Smooth, easy, and no pressure. But what happens if nothing like that happens? Well, there are way too many events that can go wrong or change, so there is no way to write a guide for everything.. But, there are quite a few really cool tricks to get their flag or return their flag. Here are a few. The names of these are the ones my guild and I have come up with, I have no idea if they were named this before us, or if they go by any other name….

Fine, this one is easy, everybody goes into their base and somebody grabs the flag and tries to run out. A support person doesn’t attack ANYTHING and just monitors the flag carriers health at all times. If/when he dies, he grabs the flag, pops sprint (or a Swiftness Pot) and gets out of their quick. The assistant is key, and a lot of zergs go bad when they original flag carrier dies. The flag gets returned, half your team is dead, and you can’t do anything about it.

Suicide King
This is one for a rogue/warrior (or hunter) combo. So the set-up is easy, your warrior runs into their flag room and hamstrings everybody and tries to get out the GY door. The rogue is waiting at the boots and once everybody is hamstrung, the rogue uses the boots, grabs the flag, and makes his escape. The warrior is long dead, but nobody can catch the rogue. It also works with a hunter and wing clip.

This is for two rogues, although anything and a rogue works wonders. The idea is to have a both rogues stealthed on the second floor of the building. The one rogue (who puts on all stamina gear) jumps down, grabs the flag, and pops sprint to makeit as far down the tunnel as possible before getting killed. If he makes it back to the base, good for him, but chances are, he is going to die. As soon as the flag is returned to the base, the other stealthed rogue (who has conveniently come down and is right next to the flag) grabs the flag and goes either GY or ramp. Instinctively, the other team will go right back to the flagroom and you are home free.

Drunken Sailor
This is a fun one, especially if your team is incredibly coordinated. Take 5 guys, line them up across the field, spread out. Have one guy go grab the flag and get to the second guy. He drops the flag and the second guy picks it up and runs to the third. Wash and repeat until it has made it all the way back across the field. This works extremely well against teams comprised of mostly hunters, as they will be out of range of grabbing the flag when it is dropped, and the cooldown on any slowing effects is too huge to tage every player. It also confuses the other team as they see “Stigg has dropped the flag” “Semune has picked up the flag” “Semune has Dropped the flag” etc. getting spammed across their screen.

This is named the Drunken Sailor because after our team pulled this off the first time, a post on the official forums from the alliance team we beat claimed we looked like “Drunken Sailors getting hit with a concussive shot and crashing into our own teammates and dropping the flag.”

This is a two man rogue flag capture, and the quickest cap in the 10-19 game. This requires both boots to be up and a rogue waiting about 40 yards away from your base’s tunnel entrance. A rogue grabs the flag and pops sprint. He runs through the tunnel and gets the boots. As soon as the boots are finished, he pops a swiftness potion. Once theswitness potion wears off, he drops the flag for the other rogue to grab and he pops sprint. This will get him inside the tunnel almost to the boots. As soon as sprint is used up, he pops a swiftness potion, and grabs the boots. This will get him the flag cap. This takes exactly 68 seconds to complete. (It also got me reported for speed hacks… so be prepared to defend yourself)

This works against teams that are guarding on the roof. Send half your team to the roof. Have them attack the flag carrier with everything they have. The rest, stay on the second floor and await the inevitable jump. As soon as the flag carrier jumps, kill her. This requires the flag carrier to feel as if he really is about to die, so the more numbers you can toss on the roof, the better.

Holding the Flag
So you have the flag in your possession and you are now defending it. You want to be as close as possible to the flag return point so if your team gets your own flag back, it is a quick cap. If you are on vent and can keep eachother updated at all times, you can go almost anywhere on the board, as long as you can make sure you can be standing on the flag mound as soon as your team returns your flag. But let’s assume your not. You have a few choices of where to go.

Most players opt to go to the roof. This is an excellent choice, as you now can choose if you want to land on the second floor, bottom floor, or fight on the third floor if you have to. You can also see any body coming up the roof ramp way before they can see you. One thing you need to do is keep your back against a wall at all times. This way, a rogue can’t get a jump on you. So what happens when you get an incoming group? If it is a hunter or any ranged attacker, go for the second floor. The limited space will allow you to have to fight them in close range, so you are free to decimate them. If it is a group of players, drop down to the basement and grab the boots, circle around, and go back in on the ramp side.

”Secret Spots”
These are my two “secret spots” to hide and hold the flag.

Fence Hop
The first one is on the opposite side of the fence outside the GY. There is a nice tree there you can back up to and /sleep. You will be on the ground and your flag will be completely hidden in the tree. If your team returns the flag, you can simply jump over the fence (its shorter on that side) and run in through the ramp-side exit and be right at the flag in a matter of seconds.

If you exit the base using the graveyard exit and loop around the base to the right, there will be a huge sawblade. Walk along the base wall and you will see a little room. Go in it. Nobody ever checks this location anymore, and with the close proximity to the teams graveyard, you will always have backup.

Fooled Ya
Act like you are going to the roof. As soon as you get out of the tunnel, stop, and back up to a wall on either side of the door. As soon as an enemy player has gotten through the doorway, run behind him and back into the tunnel. It may not work, but it’s a whole lot better than nothing!

World PVP
I get a lot of “Twinks suck because I can pwn them with my main!” comments thrown my way. Well, this is true, assuming your main is over level 40. Any player lower than level 40 I would gladly take on in a duel or in open world PVP. Taking on a ?? is exhilarating and you know you have gotten some type of emotion out of a player when their ?? corpse stays on the ground for a good 20 seconds after you kill them. Whether it be hate, respect, or whatever, I don’t care.

So why do World PVP when there is a huge chance you will die? Well, primarily because you can. Nobody can stop a level 19 from venturing to any part of the world (even Outlands!). Secondly, because WSG gets tiresome after the millionth run.

Horde Locations
If you are horde, you may want to go check out:
Redridge Mountains

Alliance Locations
The Barrens
Stonetalon Mountains
1k Needles

Most of these places are contested, and therefore you can kill any of them on sight. Some other will take some skill to get the flagged, so have some fun and creativity. Be careful as you go wandering through some of these places, the mobs are much higher level than you and will aggro from a huge distance.

I prefer to wander the roads in Darkshire the most. Most of the players in there are between 25 and 35, so it is a good level range to fight. And, mobs are so far away from the road that you really won’t aggro too many too often.

Final Notes on World PVP
Sorry ambush rogues, the chances of you pulling off an ambush are slim. A ?? can see your from a mile away, so they have more than enough time to react and not let you get behind them.
You are going to see videos of “invincible” rogues taking on 4 ??’s at once, them never dying etc. It’s crap. Yes, they did kill some ??’s and yes they did take on many of them. But the chances of them doing that consecutively is next to nil. It just isn’t going to happen. You will die a ton in World PVP and you will be frustrated. I have gotten ??’s down to 2% health when a crocodile that aggrod from a mile away came up, and bit me for over 500, killing me instantly.

BUT, when you get that kill off it is so sweet.


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The Libram of Constitution is in Burning Steppes, not Dire Maul.

That, and the Lung Juice is Unique, so you can't get anymore than one at a time.

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Another note, some of the formatting is off, and I think there's a few minor errors scattered about.

(e.g. leg enchant - it's either 40 stam / 12 agi, or 30/10. Not 35/15.)

Might want to take the time to read it over sometime for minor mistakes like those.

Whats your twinks name (if you still have him) so i can look him up on armory?
Also, make a video please ^^

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Magepriest on Kalecgos....but an armory look up won't do you any good. I strip him before I log out:P

And I have a video, but it is much too large (that what she said) to have it hosted anywhere.

ok so i have 2 cruel barbs and 2 thiefs blades, and im wondering witch to put +15 agility on. any suggestions? i can't afford assassasins blade or shadowfang so idk which to pick

you get serpents shoulder's from WC with 70% approx drop not tablar mantle and gloves of the fang are better than scouting gloves of the monkey but sameish price. also agil rouge = best no dodge

balance leaning towards agil FTW and FOR THE ALLIANCE

The dueling portion of this guide is horrible. You give all the wrong advice, and don't understand that good shamans ALWAYS beat rogues in 1v1s. Don't use dodge vs a warrior, are you an idiot? They are going to use overpower whether your dodge is 30% or 70%.

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Oh hi there! How are you doing? Good.

First off, this guide was written as soon as TBC came out, so I would strongly suggest you take any of this with a grain of salt. Since TBC, or more closely, 1.11, rogues got terrible and not worth the time anymore.

I would love to see a shaman beat a rogue in a duel. Or, rather, I would love to see a shaman beat a decent rogue at level 19. Just wont happen. Its what that thing called kick is for. And gouge. and stealth. And sprint.

And if you noticed I said "Take off your dodge gear and put on your agility gear" when facing warriors. Sorry for not being more clear and linking to the part of the guide that says "Agility increases dodge" and the other part of the guide that shows that a majority of agility based gear also has stamina on it, not only increasing you damage output, but also crit rating and dodge rating.

And back when this guide was written, even when taking off all your specific dodge gear and putting on agi gear you maintained 60% dodge but gained another couple hundred health.

Now that dodge got basically cut in half, I couldn't tell ya the first thing about what to do. Its ok though.

BTW - there is about a 90% chance that if you post again without registering your post will get accidently deleted, as we get a couple hundred penis pill spambots coming though here a day and Tan and I don't really read through them all that well to see if its a legit person or not. So if you would like to continue the discussion, go ahead and register.

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I know who I'd want running my flag.

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I sat here and stared at this for a good 20 minutes trying to come up with a good sexual innuendo, but failed. Something about a flag pole. As far as I got.


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You could have settled for a Rick Roll. Haven't seen one of those for ages.

since patch 3.0.2 would you say putting fuel lifestealing on an assaigns blade and sentinels blade is a good way to roll????

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ey dun no cz i hvt plaid it n liek 2 yrs

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o.O Apparently, Stigg's IQ dropped over the weekend? (Had -that- much fun, did ya?) :P

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Haha perhaps not my IQ, but my ability to hear and see has been drastically reduced.

Thanks, this has been great help.


even though it's wotlk out and stuff this still helped. sweet guide

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Wait, what? You actually understood that this guide is ancient and aren't here to critique it?

First time for everything, haha. Thanks!

No really, I'm pretty sure I'll just follow this guide and get extra's on the way... don't listen to those people out there who have nothing better to do than attempt to blow smoke up their own ass by destroying a good guide.

Thanks :D!!

I have full stamina enchants (apart from gloves) and i have topped bg chats for ages its just having the stamina gives you a greater chance to live and get the WSG achievment Ironman this i have got with my lvl 19 twink rogue 1.7k Unbuffed...

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Awesome. When this guide was written, your stam enchants wouldn't stand up against a dodge rogue though.

Great Guide, but you wasted me like 50g cause some of the mats for enchants were wrong, specifically +15 agil to gloves.

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Note the disclaimer at the top: This guide is completely outdated. I have not played my twink in well over a year (currently 12/15/2008). I'll recommend now as a good resource to check the materials for your enchants.

Then and again, you could use my handy gold making guide right here ... but that's also outdated as I'm not playing WoW anymore and haven't kept up with the auction house ;)

Besides, isn't 50gp the average loot drop from a level 70 critter nowadays anyway, seeing as Blizzard is handing out gold like candy these days? :grins:

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If you want to look me up:
Lustix - US, Terokkar, Alliance

I have used several combos for the past2 years and find my 19 twink to be almost compete and highly brutal.

The gearing section on here needs a little touch up but is overall right on.

I'm a hybrid of sta/agi and have my sta set that runs me 1801 hp with dual LS unbuffed, and my agi set with 1651hp and 175agi unbuffed. I dodge 40% and may not be the ultimate build, but rarely have issues with any class - only falling prey to top twink hunters, but taking them 1/3 of the time.

The build isnt all of it though, knowing when to gouge, bandage, stealth, evade, and run always rule the day.

I have my gear on macro for quick changes depending on the scenario and love challenging anyone below 40. (twinks are rare to beat at 29, but still possible if you have huge combos and can read theirs).

If you want to have fun, roll a rogue and twink to your hearts content, but you'll need good friends for run throughs, be patient not gaining xp from 10-19 (by logging outside of cities and not killing scrubs), and really planning ahead of time. My first rogue build (Lusti) ruled in her day, but is no match for this much more carefully designed build. Compare them on the armory (lusti was moved past 19 but is still no match at the moment and is in most of her original gear)

Mess around, try different combos, but you wont be disappointed if you play combat with a similar build. I cant win them all, but can compete with the best - decent read

Go Twinks!

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Great work. Glad your having fun. Thats all that really matters. I grew tired of WSG rather quickly, and like you, tended to fight 30's and 40's. I was a terror in Arathi Highlands for quite some time. And with my dodge, none of the mobs that would aggro me from miles away were a threat.... just back away from them (can't dodge from behind) and they wouldn't touch me. I have a video of me killing a ~36 hunter with two guards from the alliance base there beating on me. Succesfully dodged all their attacks while I was at ~15 health.

Man, I really should finish that video. WTB vid host for 100+mb's, PST.

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Host it here nubsauce.

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I tried awhile back, but there is a cap (dont recall it) for the site's video files to play.

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Upload the file and simply provide a link to it? Or drop it on your site and provide a link to it, if you need FTP access? Then people can download it and watch it in their regular media players?

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