Thanks tan...

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Tan: What are you playing today?
Stout: TF2, what else?!?
Tan: :snorts:
Tan: Dishonored?
Tan: X:Com?
Stout: Those people don't even wear hats!
Tan: The guy in Dishonored has a mask. It's like a skew hat.
Stout: 'rotated hat'. I'll allow it!
Tan: X:Com however, yeah. Somehow going 1 on 1 with mind-bending aliens with powerful weaponry and none of them wear helmets.
Stout: amatuers
Stout: that is a weird word to spell out
Stout: amateur
Stout: How were your holidays? get anything exciting?
Tan: Clearly you don't watch enough porn.


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Thanks, Stigg. Now I'm so embarrassed I can't show my face around here :)

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LOL! Weirdoes! ^_^

(which is why I fit in)

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