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I've invested a few hours in this, so by no means can I say I *know* this game. Today, however, I dropped the blinds and killed the lights and wandered into the mechanically magic world that Corvo lives in. From the first moments when your ship docks and you're lowered into the water Bethesda draws you in, engages you in events. And it is subtle - as subtle as having a first person perspective for so many aspects of it.

It's incredibly well done with an engaging story playing in the background, rich and dark and dank atmosphere and visuals that stretch your imagination. If you've met Granny Rags or seen those black orbs of the Outsider you'll understand what I mean. The game has managed to pull me in and engage me; there are times I feel all hollow in my legs when dancing along a ledge or when lurking in the shadows, crouched behind a crate I'm worried the noise of my heartbeat will alert the guards.

Mechanically it is as they describe it - a stealth/action game. Those of you who have played Deus Ex will be familiar with the concepts; this is like that but smoothed and polished until it's as silky as butter. Load times are blisteringly quick and mistakes are not too harshly punished. You have a good selection of tools at your disposal and different upgrade paths as well as achievements in-game in the form of in-mission collectibles.

It's a game with such a vivid and interesting world it makes me wish for something to read about it - a good novel, graphic or otherwise. If you can pick it up on the Steam sales (US$22.49 until the 3rd of January, 2014) do so!


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I bought the game just before christmas last year and played the heck out of it during my christmas vacation. It took me a few weeks to complete (couldn't play during daytime due to kids), but the entire game was as polished and well thought out as the first few missions.
I got to the end and ended up with the High Chaos ending. I apparently had gone a little too haywire with the killing along the way. I had invested in the ability that turned my victims to dust and thought perhaps that would keep chaos down since no one could find the bodies. But alas...

I immediately tried it again almost immediately, this time going for the achievement where you not kill a single person and not being seen (led to quite a few moments where I had to load). After a few missions I noticed something that made me give up:
If you choke someone till they faint and leave them on the floor, there's a high risk that they will be found by rats and eaten up alive. And this will count as a kill on your part. So from then on I tried to place my victims high up: On tables, crates, booksheves, etc.
Problem was, this let to me being spotted quite often as I had to spend way more time in a place, particularly if it was high trafficed by guards.

And so the game was left to gather dust...
Until about two weeks ago. During the Steam Summer Sale I'd gotten the DLCs for the game and promptly forgotten them. But for some reason I looked at DIshonored in my gamelist and suddenly remembered them. And so I fired up "The Knife of Dunwall".

This story is about Daud, the prick that killed Empress Jessamine, and it seems he's having bad dreams and suffers from a conscience. The game start almost at the exact moment you break out of your cell as Corvo Attano, and during the first mission you'll hear public announcements that the traitor Corvo has escaped and that people should be ever vigilant in rapporting his whereabouts.

The Knife of Dunwall follow the same basic gameplay as the original story, with loads of secrets to uncover and multiple routes to achieve your goal. It's much more stealthcentric, though, as there are simply too many guards to take head on, for better or worse.
These missions are much harder than the main game, the first mission at around difficulty of the later missions in Corvo's story.

I know some people consider this sacrilege, but I prefer playing the game with a controller. I play on the computer, but for some reason I find the keyboard/mouse to break my immerson in the game. I much rather sit back in my chair with the headset cranked high up and a controller in my hand. Might be that I'm just to lazy to move my hands/arm to aim. ^_^

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Yeah, I'm up to the point where I've done the first mission for the Admiral and have met the Weepers. So very early into the game and I'm starting to get the hang of not killing and sneaking around now. I'm very tempted to re-start; but I am afraid then I'll get disheartened at playing the same content again and may just put it down to gather dust.

Did you like it overall?

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The game is quite simply a masterpiece. The best one I've played in years!

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Okay, I replayed the first mission and managed to get through it with no kills. Two bodies were discovered though, so not perfect, but no kills. Good. Now to try the next one, but first, sleep!

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