I can't believe I'm saying this

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A small part of me in EVE has always been a hauler. Load up cargo, sit back with a book, some music and a glass of your favourite tipple and haul off to the far reaches of the galaxy.

I blame games like Trade Wars (BBS) and Elite (x86) and later on Privateer (Colour!) for this obsession. And this title has attracted me for a long time, but I haven't been able to justify it to myself despite it seeming as if I'm doing a damn good job right now.

The gods of fate and fortune put it on sale and for the price of a cup of coffee I wasn't going to refuse. Besides, I now have a G27 so this may just work out well...

I'm not quite sure how to describe this. You pick up cargo. You haul it somewhere. You get paid. That, in it's quintessential essence, is the game. There is more to it. You negotiate loans with the banks and purchase your own trucks and employ staff and build up this massive hauling company, but I've not encountered that yet. All I've been doing is driving through Europe in a big ass truck delivering stuff to needy people. It. Is. Fooking. Awesome.

What makes me say that? 2am on New Years' Eve. Yes.

There is complexity in the driving of those trucks. I've not been able to park one so they can unload the trailer yet. Well, unless the yard is big enough for me to make a big circle and just push it straight back. But the damn thing seems to turn funny when you're reversing! And the controls, oh the controls. Wipers and indicators and lights and horns and all those things that don't make it go faster and turn! I think there are now many small, terrorised villages in the Netherlands hiding behind drawn curtains that quietly shit themselves when they hear the rumble of an oncoming truck ... seriously, I can't even take my hands off the wheel long enough to scratch my nose without changing lanes on some poor car. And diesel! Dear merciful heavens! Do you have any idea how much diesel costs? And how much that thing takes to fill up? I'm thinking they only drive with as much fuel as they need, but still - I feel more comfortable with a full tank you know?

Uhm. Rambling, huh?

Anyway ... on to business. Demo can be had here.

You know you want to! Plus, American Trucks are coming soon and a multiplayer mod!


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I wish I could enjoy these games. Train simulator I've heard is amazing. You can sit back and watch the scenery roll by. Unfortunately, there's no way in hell I have the patience for that. If shit ain't dying, I'm doing something wrong.

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I suspect it's quite easy to "make shit die" in both train and eurotruck simulator. You won't progress much in the game, though.

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Very true.

I was sitting there with a glass of wine and this stupid car driver ignored my indicator, hooned past me and then pulled over to the lane I was vacating and slowed down. It's like - dude, I had to brake. Do you have any idea how long this truck takes to get up to speed when hauling a load like that? Couldn't you, you know, just have let me merge right and you take the left lane behind me ... wait. Europe, other way around. Couldn't you have just let me merge left and you take the right lane behind me? Then we'd both have been where we wanted to go and we'd both have been happy.

So I ran him down and ran over his car. Damaged the truck and paid quite a large fee; but it was totally worth it.

Oh and what's up with the diagonal slash road marking in Europe? This one. As I understand that means: "Oh, the speed you were meant to drive at is no longer in force. Use the other one."

What is the other one? And that depends on the country I'm in? Wouldn't it be easier to just put a "90" or "50" sign up instead?

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I should add; damage. It's not as extensive as I was hoping. It was raining on the road to Dusseldorf (?) and strangely enough, the B type roads are at motorway speeds, but have traffic lights. I came around a corner and in far less than the braking distance of a truck on a wet road with a full load there was a red light with another truck. Dodge roll failed, so I slammed into the back of it at about 30km/h; but seriously?

It didn't move. And all I got for my trouble was 1% damage to my truck and a 400 Euro fine for a crash. A dead truck and massive delay in delivery would have been better, I think. (Maybe an option I'm missing.)

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First off; That "driving on the wrong side of the road" in entirely an English thing. Please don't drag the rest of Europe into it. (It's in force in certain Asian countries as well, but they are as braindamaged as the UKers, so it doesn't count).

And about that slash-thing: Never seen it before.
Granted, I've never visited another european land except Sweden and Denmark, but still.

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"Other" side of the road, 's what I said. It is wrong, but I didn't say that :)

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They are making an Australia Map mod for this.

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I've played the demo for a bit. Took out a loan and bought a truck. I'd recommend it. You get double-triple the delivery cost for using your own vehicle, so in one run and factoring your repayment, you are ahead of the game.

I think I am done though. Its fun, just a bit too mellow.

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