Overlord 2

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For some reason, my interest in this game has been piqued.

Anyone familiar with it? Any info on it?



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I've played the original, as well as the demo of this game.

It's a fairly simplistic hack-slash combined with strategy. The game itself is more cute than "evil", and make fun of stereotypical fantasy tropes. Example: Rastafaran elves.
It's fun for a while, then you'll most likely lose interrest, as the game can get a bit repetetive after a while. If it's on sale, it's well worth the price.

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Coming in late for this, but I agree with Gormash. I played both the original and this one but finished neither.

Fun concept, decent execution, but generally feels repetitive and overly simple. Technically worth the money on sale, but may not be worth your time.

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