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Guys, I'm having difficulties with all Funcom services. (TSW game and website, Age of Conan game and website, Support, Funcom website) None of them are reachable through appropriate protocols (HTTP or game clients), even though I can tracert to them (Albeit slowly). Can any of you find me the LiveChat link or the support email address and see if you can get to or, please? Thanks!


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Checked just now, works just fine for me.

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Thanks. I connected to the office and tried it from my desktop there and that worked just fine as well. But none of the four machines in the house, my Surface, one of my Android phones and two virtual machines will connect. One Android phone will though. All running through the same network.

I am dumbfounded!

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Well, I gave up on my ISP being able to resolve this. Picked up StrongVPN for $55 per year and now I can connect without issues.

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