MMOs ... seriously?

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I am enjoying Wildstar. I've been playing a Medic Scientists on the Oceanic realm and the combination of mobility and punch is fun. The art style is similar to World of Warcraft, the animations are fairly fluid and the game is moderately engaging. I can see this one has some potential. What I find amusing though?

It's day 2 or day 3 of head-start. The first level 50s appeared towards the end of day 1. The first fully maxed crafters are appearing today. Yes, there is a certain player that seeks to earn those achievements but bloody hell. Two days and you've gone through the majority of content already?

I really cannot see developers keeping pace with these guys.


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I honestly don't think they INTEND to.
These morons are less than a tenth of a percentile of their userbase.

Really like what I'm seing so far.

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I do too. The combat system feels responsive and engaging, the concept of paths and path quests to enhance your play-style is a great idea. Like exploring? Here, have more exploration type quests. Enjoy the Lore? Why not just do Lore type quests.

I don't like Dominion though. They feel ... off somehow while the Exiles have this slightly more shiny Firefly feel to them. (Maybe it's just the gun-toting faction leader type person and the Wild West style music that gives me that impression) I can see that seriously skewing the player base though :P

What class are you dabbling with?

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I don't mind playing Dominion, but I like the Exiles more.

I've not been able to play more than a few hours of the headstart, but that time has mainly been spent with my Granok Engineer (Scientist) and Human Medic (Settler). I also have an Aurin Spellslinger (Explorer) and a Mordesh Stalker (Warrior).
I'll probably focus most on my medic as I find it really enjoyable. He's an old and grumpy guy with a truly epic jaw, so it's no wonder he ended up being names Jawny (pronounced alsmost like Johnny). Doc Jawny to his friends.

I play on the EU Lightspire server (PvE RP) and I'm part of a really casual RP guild.

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