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In Memory of Pip's Memories of Summer

So Pip’s video on memories of summer brought back to me memories of a trip I took part in while at school. I suppose you’d call it Summer Camp – schools here in the UK basically have a trip around the last year of junior school to some “outward bound camp” destination mostly in Wales or the Lake District. I guess I’d have been about 11 or 12 years old and although I used to go camping every year in a biggish tent with my mum, dad, brother, this was actually the first time I had ever been away – to stay away for a week – without them.

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Memories of Summer

Autumn, yeah? I miss summer. Granted, I don't miss the swelter of it - but I do miss the lighter hours of the day, when the mornings would come crashing in and I'd grumble as my alarm clock would announce "Hey, idiot, time to wake up." Funny, that, as I've never really considered myself a morning kind of guy. But now, lately, I'm waking up -before- my fucking alarm. Who knew.

That said, earlier this morning I woke before my alarm would've gone off had this been a workday part of the week. Sleep in on Sundays? Yeah, apparently I missed that bulletin.

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Literally tripping over epics

So I dinged 90 this morning and headed over to get my flight training, then off to the newest zone released, Timeless Isles.

Within about 90 minutes... of not even killing a single damned thing, I now look like this: Magewarrior's Armory. I literally picked those up off the ground. Those and about two dozen other epics which I can mail or something to my alts.

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Mists of Pandaria

What is this madness? Did I really just purchase a WoW expansion?!? Well yes, yes I did! I've been talking with a few guys at work who are into playing WoW. I've held off getting back into it... lack of time, lack of interest, etc. I did get a month or two awhile back, but got my characters to 85, didn't buy Mists, and quit.

Anyways... one of my biggest reasons for not getting it was because I didn't want to pay $40 for Mists + $15 for the first month. $55 for a month of game time just... isn't appealing, especially since I'm not sure I'll stick with it.

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Steam OS announced

It appears that Steam has made a new Operating System dubbed SteamOS. I'm... unimpressed for the time being.

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Warhammer Online to shut down

I logged in to my work PC a few minutes ago and saw the latest MMORPG email had arrived in my inbox. The first thing to hit me was this:

Warhammer Online : Notice of Shutdown Posted
Posted Sep 18, 2013 by Suzie Ford

The Warhammer Online development team has posted a notice on the official site that states that the game will cease operations on December 18th. The official notice is quite terse but a personal reflection post by Producer Carrie Gouskos is also available on the site.

Greetings Warhammer Online Subscribers,

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Fony aka MikeB: YouTube: B-Plays "Don't Starve"

Because I found this really amusing and have been making my way through the series on Fony's YouTube channel. It's a little on the old side as far as his video broadcasts have been, this one is like, what, maybe 9 months old or so. I've been out of the gaming loop now for, hmm, maybe 2 months give or take a week. Y'all should check out some of his Hearthstoned videos if you're a fan of Magic the Gathering (which I take it Hearthstoned is kind of similar-ish to).

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Kerbal Space Program 40% off on Steam

Chunder and Gorm had a bit of fun with this awhile back. It is on sale today and tomorrow and seemingly well worth the $12. If you thought EVE had a big learning curve...

Awesome Album

I've put a couple hours in today... mostly just building things that go straight up then straight back down. Or exploding on the launch pad. Mostly the latter.

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Quite the Humble Bundle

The latest Humble Bundle is quite the collection. Trine 2, Faster than Light, and Mark of the Ninja. I've been wanting to play MotN for a long time now and everybody has been raving about FTL too. Pick em all up for ~$4.50!

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