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Nefi's Island Adventures

Nefi is stationed in Okinawa with her husband. She's been making these HR-eesque videos for awhile now and just released this latest one. I'm very impressed with the quality, great work Nefi!

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X: Rebirth - Some videos

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Tanitha to the skies!

I saw this article and immediately felt jealous of Tanitha for some completely irrational reason. Damn you for getting this possibility before me! ^_^

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A Guild Wars 2 Mini Update

So Guild Wars 2 eh? I get the feeling I’m the only regular here who is playing it like it’s the only game on Earth? Yup currently I’m hooked virtually every night but it isn’t my fault….honest!
It’s all down to this “Living World” concept Arena Net have where every 2 weeks there is something majorly new in the game, usually a large event that runs for 2 solid weeks, and believe me it needs to as there can be a heck of a lot to do if you get into it, and for my sins, I do.

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Games: Neil Gaiman Presents Wayward Manor

This looks interesting for a couple of reasons: 1.) I've enjoyed Neil Gaiman's works for quite a while and 2.) well..look at it. Who doesn't like puzzles? (With the exception of Myst...which, I swear, was gonna make me bash my face through my desk at -various- intervals. Did. Not. Like. Myst.)

Neil Gaiman Presents: Wayward Manor

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Games, Games, Games!

Hello! Long time no see. Just thought I'd pop in and share some wonderful tidbits I've discovered recently that I thought you all might be interested in. Plus say "Hi." :)

K, so, tidbits first because I am excited about them!

Cyberpunk: This looks uber cool! It's an RPG made by the creators of The Witcher. Totally sold! Anyway, I watched the teaser trailer and although I am still not sure what the premise of the game is (aside from being years in the future and very cyberpunk), I totally want to check it out.

EverQuest Next

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The Secret World - 1 Year Anniversary

In the event you killed Shem, or massive stone golems of various elements and attributes. The GateKeeper came to unleash them on the world. And, if you were lucky, the loot bag you got contained a mini pet with the Shem you had just killed. And, it seems, that if you get 9 players each with 1 of the 9 Shems together ... something magical happens.

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Great Tit

The past two-tree days I've been really trying to draw on my tablet, spending way too much time trying out the various tools and doohickeys in the various apps I've downloaded. It's a little frustrating having to work on just a 7" screen, but it'll do (it's the best I have for portable drawing just the same).

Last evening I started working on a piece in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for Tablets, and continued working on it throughout today, using several hours not just to draw, but also to learn the ins and outs of Sketchbook.

And voila... Here's the result!

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Bad Piggies

Just to have something NEW to look at...

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LotRO: Finally foreclosing on your house

After many long debates on whether or not player houses should eventually be foreclosed to allow for all those vacant lots to be filled with players actually, well, playing, Turbine has officially announce foreclosures on houses that are 180 days past due on paying upkeep.

That was a long sentence.

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