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Kerbal Space Program 40% off on Steam

Chunder and Gorm had a bit of fun with this awhile back. It is on sale today and tomorrow and seemingly well worth the $12. If you thought EVE had a big learning curve...

Awesome Album

I've put a couple hours in today... mostly just building things that go straight up then straight back down. Or exploding on the launch pad. Mostly the latter.

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Quite the Humble Bundle

The latest Humble Bundle is quite the collection. Trine 2, Faster than Light, and Mark of the Ninja. I've been wanting to play MotN for a long time now and everybody has been raving about FTL too. Pick em all up for ~$4.50!

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TF2 Jump

Prior to the fiasco that was my Ubuntu installs, I was having a lot of fun on TF2 jump maps. I've mentioned jumping on here before, but if you are unaware, check this out:

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The Downside of Linux

A few days ago I tried booting up Team Fortress 2 on my Ubuntu 12.04 install. It didn't work. I searched around the web a bit and the overwhelming response was 'update video drivers'.

This should be a simple process. I should simple be able to get the newest dependencies, then update the driver with a 'sudo apt-get install' command. So I did that, rebooted, and black screen. I rebooted to the same result, so I finally booted into nomodeset, which (I believe) disables your graphics drivers. After fiddling around, I went ahead and reinstalled.

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EVE: Valkyrie

Read here. Amazing how a simple prototype, playing with cool new technology has made it into the third game in the EVE Universe. I like the idea!

Next, add a RTS type game to the universe :)

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Nefi's Island Adventures

Nefi is stationed in Okinawa with her husband. She's been making these HR-eesque videos for awhile now and just released this latest one. I'm very impressed with the quality, great work Nefi!

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X: Rebirth - Some videos

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Tanitha to the skies!

I saw this article and immediately felt jealous of Tanitha for some completely irrational reason. Damn you for getting this possibility before me! ^_^

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A Guild Wars 2 Mini Update

So Guild Wars 2 eh? I get the feeling I’m the only regular here who is playing it like it’s the only game on Earth? Yup currently I’m hooked virtually every night but it isn’t my fault….honest!
It’s all down to this “Living World” concept Arena Net have where every 2 weeks there is something majorly new in the game, usually a large event that runs for 2 solid weeks, and believe me it needs to as there can be a heck of a lot to do if you get into it, and for my sins, I do.

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Games: Neil Gaiman Presents Wayward Manor

This looks interesting for a couple of reasons: 1.) I've enjoyed Neil Gaiman's works for quite a while and 2.) well..look at it. Who doesn't like puzzles? (With the exception of Myst...which, I swear, was gonna make me bash my face through my desk at -various- intervals. Did. Not. Like. Myst.)

Neil Gaiman Presents: Wayward Manor

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