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WoW: For Chunder...moar screenies

Pipkin flyin' around outside of Ironforge...

The tail, as you fly, is just farkin' long.

Tried to get a closer close shot...yea, that didn't make sense at all.


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Steamin' mad at Steam

The past few weeks I've had a major bug going on with Steam. For some reason It will NOT acknowledge that I'm online, insisting on starting in Offline Mode. When I try to go online it start the client again and I get the very same result.

I contacted the Steam support and put in a ticket. Here's the exchange:

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Finding 'Squatch at a Ben Howard Concert

Last night Mrs Chunder and I went to see Ben Howard perform live at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. This is personally only the third concert – I believe the youth of today call them “gigs” – I have been to in all my –CLASSIFIED- years, the others being local ones by ‘Al Stewart’ and ‘John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers’.

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WoW: Wherein Pipkin Finds a Birdy

So, I was thinkin' to myself last night "I should get to bed" ... then I ported to Shatt on my warrior (in the picture) and figured why not take another stab at Kael'thas for the hell of it.

There's only been a very small handful of mounts I can say I've ever wanted in game..Ashes was at the top of that list of things cherished, wished for and resolved to never actually get (tho prior to getting it, I had seen it drop once).

Anyhow, yeah, woo!

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At it again...

It's been a veeeery long time since I posted anything drawing related now, particularly a comic.
The reason I stopped was a hectic period in my life, but once that was over I just didn't feel like picking up my drawing tools again. And the more time that passed, the harder it became to do.
Until I, last week, decided that "Damnit, just START!"

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Another Weight Loss Attempt

Further to my last visit to the Diabetic Clinic, I decided to try yet again to lose some weight / get fitter.

Two weeks ago I weighed myself in at 97.4Kg. After a week of hitting the treadmill (but no real dieting. In fact we ate out big time one evening), I was at 96.4Kg - a pretty good 1Kg loss in a week.

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Game Review: Two Rooms and a Boom

Quick Breakdown
Social Game
6-30-ish players (best probably in the 14-24 range)
Currently Free (you download the cards and rules and print them out)
Probably going to Kickstarter or something similar soon.

So I was just at a picnic with a bunch of people and a guy brought a really neat game to play. With temps in the 90s (32+ C) doing much of any sports was out of the question.

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Star Trek Online/Eve Online

So, I've kinda dropped Neverwinter and I'm now playing Star Trek Online, and it's pretty darn good.

Also downloading Eve Online. It's a game I keep trying to get into, but I just can't immerse into it. going tot ry again though now, after all the updates

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A Kindle Fable

Once upon a time there was a billy goat who loved to read.
One day Mrs Billy Goat bought her husband a present - a brand new device called a “Kindle” sold by a beautiful Amazon.
Mr Billy Goat was very pleased with it because it had a keyboard, he could have all his books in one place and it had “Three Gee’s” so he could download books anywhere in the World…for free!
Mr Billy Goat loved his wife so much. Mrs Billy Goat began to call the Kindle Mr Billy Goat’s “Third Arm” because he used it so much.

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