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My LoZ: ALttP Speedrun

I (according to am now 98th place for fastest Legend of Zelda Speedrun (any %)

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Funcom help

Guys, I'm having difficulties with all Funcom services. (TSW game and website, Age of Conan game and website, Support, Funcom website) None of them are reachable through appropriate protocols (HTTP or game clients), even though I can tracert to them (Albeit slowly). Can any of you find me the LiveChat link or the support email address and see if you can get to or, please? Thanks!

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Overlord 2

For some reason, my interest in this game has been piqued.

Anyone familiar with it? Any info on it?

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League of Legends: New Champion teaser

For your daily cute overdose:

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Contemplating MMOs

I've been thinking about my history with MMO games and the levels of enjoyment garnered from them. I've felt a definite sense of relief lately as I ditched all MMOs and played more single player games. Resurrecting Dead Island, Anno 2770, Civilization, Euro Truck Simulator and a whole screed more. There is a substantial amount of content there and gameplay to enjoy.

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Brits: Serious Question

Are the phone callers on this speaking english or is them saying gibberish part of the joke?

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Free to Play

Documentary by Valve on the big DOTA 2 tournament awhile back. Its pretty awesome so far!

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This Saturday, as I mentioned before, I am going to be hosting a D&D game night. We will have 6 players in total, including tanitha!!!!! Tan and two of my friends will be connecting in via (most likely) Google Hangouts and utilizing the Bones plugin, a tool that lets you roll virtual dice and display the output to everybody in the hangout. Admittedly I have never used Hangouts before, so I am going to do a quick trial run with that tonight with my buddy Mike (Stridar for those of you that recall me mentioning him before).

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EVE, Made for evil.

This is why most gamers won't play with EVE.

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Playing with Friends

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