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Because of Drones, that's why. It's why Gallente is the scum of the universe.

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Poetry Trash Night

I do have gout
there's surely no doubt

It truly does make
my whole foot ache

So I'm takin' it chill
and eating my pill

Waiting for relief
hoping the wait will be brief

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EVE: Mining Barges

Finally finished up Industry V and was able to get into my Mining Barge. Everything about it is so much nicer than my old Mining Frigate. I upgrading from straight mining lasers to Strip Miners, my ore hold is 4.6x as large (23k), and I can fit 5 drones (up from 2) and 3 Mining Upgrades (up from 1).

So how does it compare? Well, right now I can not use the Modulated Strip Miner II, so I am about 20% slower than 'optimum', and I am only using Mining Upgrade I, which is 5% increased yield instead of 9% each.

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Back in Hyboria [no pics yet]

Yes folks, I am back playing Age of Conan again. When did I last play this…2008? Surely not.

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Children and Creativity

A little while ago I wrote about HeroKids and the "Mines of Martek" scenario that I had prepared, and just a few days after I had a chance to run it, not just once but twice. I've just been too busy to write about it before now. I had a run here at home with my son and stepson (age 6 and 10), and once at my kindergarten where I had four players (age 4 and 5) with a lot of spectators.

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EVE: Hauling

I've been home sick these past two days and have delved deeper into EVE. I forgot how much fun this game is and how truly expansive the world and goals are.

My buddy and I started a corp and set up a base in Illuin, Metropolis. A hefty 27-ish jumps from Jita, the trade capital of the EVE universe. Around Jita is also where most of my old stuff was, so I headed on over there and jumped in my Caldari Badger to bring everything back. With my hauler near my base I began to look at player contracts.

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EVE: Mining Frigates

A lot really has changed since I last played EVE. My previous 'mining ship', the Osprey, is a joke of a miner now. The real way to get your feet wet is by getting your hands on an ORE Venture.

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EVE: New information?

I'm having a bear of a time trying to find valid, up to date, information on EVE. Searching for anything results in threads from back in 2011 or 2012. Is there a good forum for 'current' eve information?

Regardless... I am now trying to decide what my next ship will be. With me having two friends that I invited about to sub, we decided to split the isk I'll get from selling the PLEX, so we will each walk away with 400M. That will easily fund an exhumer for mining and a battlecruiser, while still letting me purchase some serious gear to fit both.

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EVE: Still catching up

A lot has changed. Apparently ships have been 'balanced' which means my recommended mining ship is now shit at mining. I did a bit of reading, and everybody was recommending a Venture for their first 'true' mining ship. So I jumped twice and bought one... only to discover there's a new skill called 'Mining Frigate'. One jump to grab that and it takes 16 minutes to train. I'm heading off now, but got that going.

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Back in EVE: Two years later

I have a friend who I've been playing with a bit. We've jumped through a lot of different games trying to find a good 'fit'. He also has a friend who plays with him quite a bit. I suggested EVE the other day and with the 21 day free trial, they both agreed to give it a shot.

Apparently EVE is now on steam... but if you have an account that wasn't purchased through steam, you won't be able to use the Steam client. (Though some people are saying if you download the steam trial it works...) So after spending all night yesterday downloading, we were both ready to jump in tonight.

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