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This Saturday, as I mentioned before, I am going to be hosting a D&D game night. We will have 6 players in total, including tanitha!!!!! Tan and two of my friends will be connecting in via (most likely) Google Hangouts and utilizing the Bones plugin, a tool that lets you roll virtual dice and display the output to everybody in the hangout. Admittedly I have never used Hangouts before, so I am going to do a quick trial run with that tonight with my buddy Mike (Stridar for those of you that recall me mentioning him before).

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EVE, Made for evil.

This is why most gamers won't play with EVE.

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Playing with Friends

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Upcoming D&D Game

I finally decided to take the plunge and set up a D&D night in lieu of my normal LAN parties. It is scheduled for March 15. So far I have three players coming (plus me) and am looking for two more. I doubt we will have a problem meeting the 5 player 'recommended' party.

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Elder Scrolls Online

The NDA was lifted a while back and I think many of us played it at some point. So what did you all think about it?

There's actually quite a few things that I liked. The environments are varied and well rendered, the music is great, and I think they kind of succeeded in capturing the feeling of adventure and exploration that made the series famous. The few parts that I played weren't static themeparks like Blizzard's modern offerings. I also like the character progression system, it's unique and in spirit with past games, even though there are actually classes.

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Blizz Powerleveling 90s

As gorm mentioned on the side there, it seems that Blizz will soon be letting you straight up purchase level 90s.
According to this reddit post and here, the price is $60. Take that for what you will, but lets say its true.

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And a mining we will go

My buddy and I are now in Covetors and he has a second account piloting an Orca. Pulling in ~20M isk per hour in this setup. We are upgrading to Modulated Strip Miner 2s tomorrow (yay snow day), so we will bump our numbers up to ~22M /hr. This weekend he is finishing up his Mining Foreman skills and we will start getting 3% boosts in yield and 3% reduced mining time. So we will be up to ~32M /hr by late next week. We are both scheduled to get our hulks on March 1, which will increase us to ~48M an hour. If tan can refine for us, we can up those numbers by another 10%.

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Evolve: Trailer

I'm bad at FPS games. Ask Stigg, he has played Left 4 Dead with me. Once. I think I may have shot the wall and the floor more than any monsters and while everybody else is graceful like a gazelle jumping between obstacles I tend to faceplant and slide down. This, however, may make me try at least. I've occasionally been following this (And Titanfall) and both are starting to look very, very tasty.

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Path of Exile: A review

Yesterday I had a mini-lan party and my friend suggested we play some Path of Exile. I was a bit hesitant, but I know that he tended to get frustrated with TF2, so we gave it a go. I did a very brief readup on it and jumped into the game.

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World of Warcraft

Yes, remember that game? The new model upgrades look rather impressive and it seems they are keeping the original art style as well. That's a rather good looking upgrade. Would it make you play again, if just to see the awesomeness of Gnomes?

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