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Freaking LotRO

For those of you that played LotRO, you may remember how annoying long the install process was. Back in April, I reinstalled LotRO and played for a couple of weeks.

Yesterday night, I decided to play again. So I launched it, only to see I needed a patch. It is now 22 hour later and the game is STILL patching. I have 25 Mb download connection (~3 megabyte). This is ridiculous.
It says I am 23% done.


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Or why it's important to aim at an enemy's feet with the rocket launcher.

When I switch to the pick, its because I ran out of rockets. The closest ammo pack is back in my base (off to the left).

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Random Dungeon Maker

My bud has started playing Pathfinder, a D&D derivative. He said he wanted some unique maps to play on... So I wrote a script to procedurally generate dungeons on a grid.

You can customize the room sizes (they are sized randomly, but you can specify their min/max width and height) as well as the size of the map (from the command line).

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Just a simple question...

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When a fan loves their game

Read this TSW is full of investigation missions; so a fan created one for the devs. And how utterly awesome is that?

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Minecraft Server Up

I started a Minecraft server after having been annoyed with the one I was currently on for quite some time.

It is running 1.7.2. When Bukkit gets updated, I will be making it bukkit server and adding some more common mods.

You'll spawn on an island. We have a small base setup and a few mines going at the moment. There aren't any rules, just don't be an ass and don't purposely cause the server to crash (redstone clocks).


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In Memory of Pip's Memories of Summer

So Pip’s video on memories of summer brought back to me memories of a trip I took part in while at school. I suppose you’d call it Summer Camp – schools here in the UK basically have a trip around the last year of junior school to some “outward bound camp” destination mostly in Wales or the Lake District. I guess I’d have been about 11 or 12 years old and although I used to go camping every year in a biggish tent with my mum, dad, brother, this was actually the first time I had ever been away – to stay away for a week – without them.

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Memories of Summer

Autumn, yeah? I miss summer. Granted, I don't miss the swelter of it - but I do miss the lighter hours of the day, when the mornings would come crashing in and I'd grumble as my alarm clock would announce "Hey, idiot, time to wake up." Funny, that, as I've never really considered myself a morning kind of guy. But now, lately, I'm waking up -before- my fucking alarm. Who knew.

That said, earlier this morning I woke before my alarm would've gone off had this been a workday part of the week. Sleep in on Sundays? Yeah, apparently I missed that bulletin.

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Literally tripping over epics

So I dinged 90 this morning and headed over to get my flight training, then off to the newest zone released, Timeless Isles.

Within about 90 minutes... of not even killing a single damned thing, I now look like this: Magewarrior's Armory. I literally picked those up off the ground. Those and about two dozen other epics which I can mail or something to my alts.

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